Hemlock Farms, PA

Hawley, Pike County,

It’s a 4,500-acre (18 km2) gated community in Lords Valley, located south of Interstate 84, with a Hemlock Lake. Population is 3,271 (2010 census) in about 3,000 homes (only 1k are occupied on a permanent basis). The house we’re in is on the Elm Lake, which is a reservoir, is very tranquil. We’re on the west side, although can’t see the sunset, the blue sky and clouds reflect in the lake are extremely beautiful. I like to get up early to catch the sunrise with the paddle boat and paddle board – the lake allows electrical boats (no gas). I find this boat is very functional, and see many homes have them parked by their decks.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend.


The lakeside house. The big stones add charm and characters.


The feast from tomahawk steak to self caught fish, ribs, lobsters, grilled shrimps, chicken wings, … a little too much tho -:).

See the pretty dragonfly on my arm?


The tomahawk steak which is the long-bone Rib Steak, is awesome and delicious. It reminds me of Fred in the Flintstones, ha ha ha

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