Jan 30 2022

The 2nd snow of the year

The second snow of 2022. Last night the wind was strong, making the scary sound but I don’t think it’s a big storm … Here is three days after

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Jan 25 2022

Steinway Tower

111 W 57th Street
New York, NY

This skinniest skyscraper is opposite from Carnegie Hall in the Midtown of Manhattan in NYC, between 6th and 7th Avenue (Billionaires’ Row).

I watched this 84-story 1,428 ft skyscrape going up because I often parked there when I went to concert at Carnegie. The base is the 16-story Steinway Hall that was completed in 1925 and the new addition was done in 2021.


Jan 25 2022

Snapshots of the City

New York – 9 W 57th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues): the red bold 9 in front of the building. The other side of the build is on 58th Street which also have the red bold 9, cross street from the Plaza Hotel. The owner is Sheldon Solow, it was completed in 1972; roof high is 689 ft. Walking west, between 6th and 7th avenue is Steinway Tower and One57.


An office at 608 5th Avenue, looking out St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Trump Tower and St. Regis hotel.

6th Avenue


Jan 25 2022

Russian Tea Room

150 West 57th Street
New York, NY

This swanky restaurant is between two towers: Carnegie Hall and Metropolitan Tower. It was founded in 1927 by the former members of the Russian Imperial Ballet.

The decor is too much for my taste. Service is great and the food is average.


Jan 25 2022

Union Square Cafe

101 E 19th Street @ S Park Av
New York, NY

It’s a step away from Boucherie Union Square.

The decor is simple yet subtle, the service is good and the food is really attract people to go back: super

  • Chicory salad ($20): the small walnut make the difference
  • Roasted monkfish ($36): tender

The greenish tiles remind me of Chee Hsin. It bridges the bathroom/kitchen area tiles and the planks in the dining hall on the ground floor. The glass is fine and lovely.


Jan 25 2022

Rigoletto by Verdi 弄臣 @ the Met

This opera of Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) was premiered on March 11, 1851. This was the first opera we took our kids to, and this little section was our favorite.

General manager Peter Gelb (1953-), Daniele Rustioni conductor, Piotr Beczała (Duke of Mantua), Rosa Feola (Gilda) and Quinn Kelsey as Rigoletto. Walked 7.3 miles

Duke is lusting over young women and his court jester Rigoletto helps him to secure them and even mocks the angry husband. The enraged husband was mad enough to place a curse on Rigoletto. R’s beautiful daughter falls in love with the Duke and … dies in the end.

Men desire young women is an age old story. Just happens, I’m listening to Catch and Kill (2019) by Ronan Farrow (1987-) about Harvey Weinstein (1952-), and a few days ago, finished Perversion of Justice (2021) by Julie K. Brown about Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019) … not forgetting Met’s own music director James Levine (1943-2021) who conducted there for four decades, from 1976 to 2016. Levine was accused by at least four men of sexual abuse. The Met knew of the allegation as early as 1979 and Gelb was informed in 2016, yet Met chose to do nothing. It’s the identical pattern of the Weinstein and Epstein cases, that they were aided by the authority who should protect the victims and our society.

弄臣(1851) by 威尔迪(1813-1901).

以前带娃们来总会买这里四个座位. 弄臣是他们的第一个歌剧. 今晚特意坐这里.


Jan 24 2022

Gatsby’s Landing

1362 Old Northern Blvd
Roslyn, NY 11576

This restaurant began in 2016. I drive by it often when I went to tennis. The modern facade isn’t too attractive to me but their location on the Roslyn Pond is.

The interior is comfortable and charming. Service is great, so is the food. We’ve lunch prix and two sandwiches

~ shrimp ajillo – the bread is a little burned
~ salmon
~ Cr

Jan 24 2022

Buttercooky @ Manhasset

140 Plandome Rd
Manhasset, NY 11030


An average bakery, with a sizable area for sit down. I

Jan 24 2022

Roslyn Grist Mill

Old Northern Blvd.,
Roslyn, New York

Opposite from the Gatsby’s Landing is a rare surviving Dutch framed watermill built between 1715 to 1741 for industrial use. It operated for 150 years as a working water mill. On April 24, 1790, president Washington visited the mill and the owner Hendrick Onderdonk, and mentioned it in his diary.

From 1920 to 1974, the building was a tea house. The building was selected by National Historic Register of Historic Place in 1986. $3 million was risked between 2015 to 2019 to restore it, and the project went underway in 2018. The Mill was lifted on a Thursday, two years ago almost to this day: January 23, 2020.

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Jan 23 2022

Snapshots of Queens and NYC, 9th Ave

LIE, Queens Borough Bridge (59th Bridge) to West side of New York.

… more photos: MetLife Building @ 200 Park Avenue was completed in 1963. 9th Ave and 57th Street to Hudson River