Oct 9 2016

Bell Tower Youth Hostel 鐘樓青年旅舍

img_84161 North Street, Beilin District
Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西, China

Since my plan isn’t inked in stone so I reserved this hotel just in case. I also tried to score an overnight train back to Taiyuan but was unable. Neither worked so I stayed.

It’s next to the Bell Tower, if location is important to you, this is it. Other than that, this place has nothing else to offer.

When I checked in, the staff couldn’t find my reservation. They looked into their monitor, digging, digging and digging. Finally found me on Expedia even I booked it on Booking.com for US$19.

What or whom does the Internet try to fool – themselves or the consumers?

img_8433 img_8432 img_8431 img_8430

Looking out from the 2nd floor terrace

img_8429 img_8428 img_8427

Oct 9 2016

Roman Holiday, Xi’an edition

Xi’an, Shanxi, China

西安冒险记:话说温泉出来 打不到车去音乐会🎼. 时间一分钟一分钟消失,心急如火 … 一个骑🏍️的老爷爷骑士过来,看俺站街站的挺辛苦💦,就问

Oct 9 2016

Xi’an 西安

Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西, China

It’s my first time there. I like it.

She’s an air of old and proper.  Money’ed.

Sophistication perhaps.

Near the North Station.

img_8217 img_8220 img_8221 img_8222

The Bell Tower 西安钟楼  built in 1384, next to my hotel.

img_8417 img_8408 img_8427 img_8423

Oct 9 2016

Xi’an Bei 西安北站

Xi’an North train station, Shaanxi, China

Glad to find a fruit store but the

Oct 9 2016

Yellow River concerto @ Xi’an Concert Hall

Yingnan YiLu
Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西, China

Finding the XiAn Concert Hall is a chord and an adventure. No one seems to know where it is, from tour guide to taxi driver.

Yellow River concerto seems to be the favorite for celebrating the National Day. I last heard it in Hong Kong in 2010, and glad to find this concert with wonderful program, somewhat fitting into my schedule during this trip.

img_8397 img_8398

  1. Wonderful program: it’s Yellow River, which, probably has less chance being played outside of China. Beethoven’s 6th Symphony ‘Pastoral’ is an added bonus if not an equal attraction.
  2. Somewhat fitting: I’m going to Xi’an from Taiyuan but will have to go back there to meet someone.
  3. My adventure: getting to the concert hall.
  4. The last stroke that almost break my back: I forget to pick up my checked in bag at the concert.

Of course all of the above didn’t exist when I booked the concert.

I missed the first piece, Spring Festival due to my adventure. The pianist Shi Xiaoya sucks, big time, can’t get his notes right 连滚带爬的, far away from clean. OMG! Given what I’ve been through to sit here, I feel being cheated.

The principal conductor Dane Lam (戴恩

Oct 9 2016

Aegean Bath, a rude awakening

Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort & Spa
No.8 Shangu Avenue, Lintong District,
Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710600, China

According to my tour guide at the terracotta army, this bath house (6 miles/10 km west of  terracotta army), a little off city center (华清池和骊山仅有3分钟的车程), without doubt, is the best in town, costing about

Oct 9 2016

Xi’an Terracotta Army 兵马俑

Lintong Xi

Oct 2 2016

Shaanxi 陕西

The Yellow River passes though it.