Xi’an Terracotta Army 兵马俑

Lintong Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Very enjoyable… but at the same time, thinking they were the funerary items, now labeled as an art form…

I take the 7 am train from Taiyuan S, arriving Xi’an North at 10:48 am. The train ticket provides a free direct shuttle to the museum, which is 25 miles/40 km east.

Xuzhou’s Terracotta Warriors 汉兵马俑 *

There are many tour guides soliciting by the bus depot. I go with a young woman who charges ¥90 who’s patient and thorough. The admissions to the museum is ¥150. The path leading up to the museum is pleasant.

img_8227 img_8233

It’s a wet day but luckily I didn’t get rain on. There are two displaying buildings, #1 is the main hall. The terracotta army bingmayong  (兵马俑 soldier and horse funerary statues) is a huge collection of terracotta sculptures buried with emperor Qinshihuang, dating back to 210–209 BCE, to protect the emperor in his afterlife. They were unearthed in 1974 by a local farmer who went to digging for water well. The sign in Chinese is warning visitors to be mindful to prevent stampede.

img_8240 img_8244 img_8241 img_8250

Inside, the exhibits are nicely presented.

 img_8252 img_8251 img_8269 img_8264 img_8318 img_8337 img_8349 img_8354 img_8357

I shop at their store then part with the tour guide who sees me off  to the Aegean Bath.

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