Apr 28 2017

New Fu Ren

50 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11020
(516) 708-1888

Airy. Fancier than their old Flushing location. Good service. Full bar. Clean bathroom. Food, however is very average. Won’t return.

Their famous lamb is dry and chewy, definitely not freshly cooked. The taste is so so. The Chinese celery with pork, is chewy too – the thin celery should cut short, like half an inch – two inches are too long because it is not young/tender. Oh well. Meter parking, both on the street and in the lot at back (two entrances).


Apr 28 2017

The main street


This building on Middle Neck Road @ N Station Plaza like a mini citadel to this community.


The apartment building on S Station Plaza and Barstow Road.

Apr 28 2017

St. Paul’s in spring

A fine spring day @ church


Apr 25 2017

You Garden Dumpling House 上海豫园

135-33 40th Rd
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 886-2286

Their 2nd one opened in 2018 in Bayside.

I’ve been a faithful costumer of their take out store when they were still at the old location, which was corner of Main Street and 40th Road (an old post and video during Chinese New Year 2012 ). After they moved to the current location, a few doors down to 40th Road, I followed them. Their bbq ribs, duckies, chickens are very good. They accepted credit card over $30 purchase. Then one day earlier this year, they stopped accepting credit card, which made me stop going. Recently another popular eatery in Flushing, a block away, Nanxiang Xiaolongbao was closed for tax evasion. The government is not dumb – they have a ‘blue book’ for restaurants. So …

Today I went here with a family member, which is cross street from their take out store, which is a surprise to me. So close and I used to go so often, yet didn’t discover this one. It’s very busy at 1 pm. We waited for 30 minutes. When we left around 2pm, the restaurant’s slowing down – the waiting line was gone. The decor is ok, for this type of eatery. Service is good. Food is 4.0 out of 5.



Apr 23 2017

Laoshan green tea 崂山绿茶

Apr 23 2017

Asian Jewel

13330 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 359-8600

This restaurant has been the first with decent table setting, a little fancier when that street was kind of vacant. Now the same street is booming with a Hyatt and new building is going up.

The Peking duck is terrible. And on top of it they used bread, are they out of their mind? It’s ugly and awful, should be thin crepe!

The interior hasn’t changed much. The managers are the same. Of the many visits, I find food is below the average. We’ve the set menu $428 for 10 people. Except the noodle, nothing to talk about. Granted this is a Cantonese restaurant but other dishes are tasteless.

About 16 years ago, I made a reservation for dinner during Chinese New Year, for 20 people, and paid a deposit, for a little alcove with the sliding door. I thought was just perfect for us. Two nights prior, a manager called me to say that spot was given to someone else who paid more. But promised would have two tables for my group. The funny thing was – I made them to write the spot on the receipt for no apparent reason (never thought any business would do that sort of thing) but it turned out saved my day or night. When I got there that night, a woman in suit looked at my receipt and swallowed hard: that alcove decked out to the nine. The menu stuck to the wall – $500 a table. I think ours cost like $200. We had the dinner in that corner. After second course a manager came and rip opened the sliding door. Ha ha ha.
Another time a gf and I went for lunch. An elder woman with push carts came, trying to sell more freshly made dim sum. We had an eggplant that was kind of pushed on us. So my gf said, jokingly “can we exchange? We didn’t touch this eggplant.” To our horror the woman just did that – taking that dish from our table back to her carte. Even more appalling a manager was looking on. Amazing they’re still in business.
No corkage fee. Parking on site. One way street.

My review of 2016 and on Yelp


Apr 15 2017

Nan Bei Ho 南北和

212-22 48th Ave
Bayside Hills, NY 11364

I’ve been to this little eatery before but did not know the owner was a former star: NYT: Lady Kung Fu. A few other restaurants she had owned or still owns:
– Mama King, on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing in 1996
– New Mei Hua, in Flushing
– Guo Ba Inc, in Bayside

If you’re gongfu movie buff or Bruce Li’s fan, you probably would know her, Angela Mao. My mother-in-law asked her if she can take a photo with her after the meal, the owner politely said, “Just a second, I’m busy …” Guess she doesn’t want to. This photo was taken at the beginning. This location starts in 1997. The radish cake is really good. Most dishes there are not too sweet, so it’s good. The set menu provides chicken soup (on the house) but it’s a little tasteless.


Good food, service. Conformable decor. Pretty neat. BUT if they pay attention to details then why don’t they just change or fix the soap dispenser above the lavatory?


Angela Mao 茅瑛 看纽约时报才知道这是她的餐馆. 看过李小龙的🎬会知道她是他的女主角. 俺🙈武打片 去过几次都不知道. 喜欢她的声音. 餐馆打理的井井有条. 东西都不错:不甜. 萝卜丝饼[强][强]. 陪家婆去,她想和武打星合影. 明星说 俺忙 等一下… 感觉她是不想. 这张是在问她之前.

Apr 12 2017

New York Chinatown 曼哈顿华埠

I used to come from time to time but since the rise of Flushing, I rarely do nowadays. The area is changing (so it Little Italy) and the surrounding areas Lower Manhattan are changing as well. When I came in 1986, it’s all Cantonese speaking. Then as Fuzhou people arrived in doves, Cantonese has to share with other dialects.

The status of Confucius (1984) has a bro, Lin Zexu since 1997. Lin, who’s from Fuzhou, stands in Chatham Square.


Apr 11 2017

Veniero’s in April

This is my most faved cafe. In New York‘s East Village.


Apr 11 2017

St. Mark’s in the Bowery

131 E. 10th St.
New York, NY 10003
St. Mark’s Church in the bowery is “New York