Oct 13 2016

Xuzhou Terracotta Warriors 汉兵马俑

Xuzhou Han Culture Tourism Zone 徐州汉文化景区
1 Bingmayong Road
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Smaller in statue and lesser known in fame 身材矮小, 名气不大, Xuzhou’s terracotta warriors from Western Han dynasty, 206BC-220AD. (zh wiki) attract little attention, after Xi’an Qin’s (211-206 BC). The site was excavated in 1984.

img_8963 img_8951 img_8954 img_8950

The warriors live in Han dynasty cultural zone, which is in the east of the city, 9 km to East train station, at the corner of Heping Lu 和平路 and Sanhuan Dong Lu 三环东路. The admission is ¥90 which covers a sizable ground. Parking is ¥10. The main attractions are:

  1. Shizishan Chu King’s Mausoleum 狮子山 西汉楚王陵
  2. Chu Queen’s Mausoleum 王后陵
  3. Han Dynasty Terracotta Warrior Museum 汉兵马俑博物馆
  4. Aquatic Terracotta Warrior Museum 水下兵马俑馆
  5. Gallery of the Han Tomb Stone Carvings 汉画长廊
  6. the Liu’s Accestral Temple of Clan 刘氏宗祠
  7.  The Bamboo Temple 竹林寺
  8. Memorial Hall of Master JingJian 净检法师纪念堂
  9. The Hall of Guanyin 观音阁

The park is clean and enjoyable. We went early in the morning on Thursday. The parking lot is empty. The bathrooms are clean but, no surprise, without tissues. I asked the man in blue uniform, he replied “We don’t have …” The city has the budget for cleaners who keep the leaves off the ground meticulously but no budget for bathroom tissue.

img_8903 img_8946

Shizishan Chu King’s Mausoleum 狮子山 西汉楚王陵 and Chu Queen’s Mausoleum 王后陵

img_8906 img_8913 img_8937 img_8919

Han Dynasty Terracotta Warrior Museum 汉兵马俑博物馆

img_8982 img_8968 img_8960 img_8971

Aquatic Terracotta Warrior Museum 水下兵马俑馆

img_8986 img_8990 img_8998 img_9004

Gallery of the Han Tomb Stone Carvings 汉画长廊

img_9011 img_9008

Oct 13 2016

Xuzhou East station 徐州东

Gulou District 鼓楼区
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

To the east of the city, 9 km from the Han Cultural Zone.

This is the smallest high speed train station I’ve seen so far: one gate to all train platforms.

img_9014  img_9018 img_9017 img_9015

Once I got on the train, I felt a deep relief: I made all six train tripswithout missing a beat. Thanks lord. I’ve my train fill for the time being.

Oct 12 2016

Yunlong Lake 云龙湖

A scenic area in southwest of Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China that includes Nanhu Shuijie South Lake Water Street 南湖水街. Qiaojiangnan has a branch there.

Although this area has a long history, dating back more than a thousand years but much of the lake is made in 1958 (baidu) when citizens of the city volunteering their weekends with their bare hands. A very different era and mentality.

It’s a pleasant area to jog, among the scenic views and abandoned buildings/villas.

img_8664 img_8671 img_8674 img_8675 img_8676 img_8677 img_8679 img_8680 img_8684 img_8686 img_8690 img_8691 img_8693 img_8696



Oct 12 2016

Ximatai 戏马台

Horse-training/playing Terrace
1 Xiangwang Lu, Hubushan
项王路 1 号
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

One of the oldest site in Xuzhou. After defeating Qin 秦 in 206 BC, King 西楚王 Xiangyu 项羽 set capital in Pengcheng 彭城 and built this horse-training/playing terrace to enjoy horse shows. It’s been expanded, rebuilt and enhanced over the millenniums.

Admission ¥30 is over priced. However, the small site is nice to walk, if you’re in the neighborhood – Hubushan.

img_8719 img_8758 img_8746 img_8726 img_8729 img_8730 img_8735 img_8736 img_8755 img_8734




Oct 12 2016

Kuangda 中国矿业大学

Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

China University of Mining and Technology colloquially known as Kuangda 矿大 has two campuses. Deng Xiaoping did calligraphy for the school title, throught a back-channel.

img_8700 img_8698 img_8699

Oct 12 2016

Hubushan 户部山

Pengcheng Rd, Yunlong Qu
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221000

A little hill in the city with many old buildings, 古建筑群, including a jinshi home and Ximatai. Many constructions/renovations are going on. The Folklore Museum 民俗博物馆 is closed for renovation but I caught a group of performers.

img_8704 img_8709

The area/hill is quite nice.

img_8717 img_8716 img_8772 img_8773 img_8774 img_8775 img_8819 img_8820 img_8770 img_8761 img_8763 img_8765

A couple dressed up, old fashionedly, is taking their wedding pictures.

img_8779 img_8784




Oct 12 2016

South Beauty or Southern Beauty?

Qiaojiangnan 俏江南 is a restaurant/hospitality group. Cute Chinese name but I think it should be Southern Beauty instead?

Google qiao jiang nan, Paris comes up. Not sure it’s the same group tho. They’ve such far reaching branches and yet couldn’t get their name right?

This photo is taken at Yunlong Lake 云龙湖, Xuzhou. Many villas/buildings in the area are vacant or abandoned.

Oct 12 2016

Anthony Bourdain would love this one

Laomofang 老磨坊羊汤馆(新区店)
Tongshan Xinqu Yunhe Dong Lu 铜山新区 运河东路
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

This is fantastic! Should be on Anthony Bourdain’s show! Greasy floor, loud voice of chatting, laughing and drinking. They’ve 4 branches as of 2016.

The veggie dishes, are too sweet, which is the local flavor.

Btw, no high heels: one slip you’d be in Beijing.

14b52e09-bf6d-4e6f-9342-23465b0249bb 2fb30e02-cd8b-4c5b-b925-9ce5d699bfdf img_8835 img_8879
Anthony Bourdain would love this one! 好爽 [色] 俺笑的多开心 [偷笑] 5 是热水缸 – 桌子也漂亮. 7 女汉子 8 一箱直接 9 俺也不认识 [呲牙]. 我们去的稍微晚一点 正好错过了 敬酒,猜酒,对酒,唱酒 … 姑凉们,记得不要穿高跟鞋 👠 去. 不知道他们多久/怎么 洗地. 一不小心能滑回北京 🎿

Oct 12 2016

Foot massage

The benefits are many …

img_8829 img_8828

Oct 12 2016

The home of a Jinshi

In HubushanXuzhou, JiangsuChina.

img_8814 img_8813 img_8789 img_8790 img_8792 img_8806 img_8809 img_8794 img_8798img_8800 img_8801 img_8802 img_8803