Hubushan 户部山

Pengcheng Rd, Yunlong Qu
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221000

A little hill in the city with many old buildings, 古建筑群, including a jinshi home and Ximatai. Many constructions/renovations are going on. The Folklore Museum 民俗博物馆 is closed for renovation but I caught a group of performers.

img_8704 img_8709

The area/hill is quite nice.

img_8717 img_8716 img_8772 img_8773 img_8774 img_8775 img_8819 img_8820 img_8770 img_8761 img_8763 img_8765

A couple dressed up, old fashionedly, is taking their wedding pictures.

img_8779 img_8784




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