Jun 30 2021

Armenia genocide

Saw this license plate today: ARM3N1A.

Ray Donovan season 3 (2015) has a scene that an Armenian-American entertainer demanded to sing a song about Armenia genocide on a tv show – those small dosages of history keeps me on.

Armenia genocide happened during WW I, from 1915 to 1917 because the Ottoman Empire (aligned with Germany) accused them treachery after losing to Russian forces.

As with every country who seeks justice, the Armenians have been hoping or lobbying the U.S. to clarify the event as genocide. And after 100 some years they got that: president Biden affirmed it this past April. (President Trump demurred – silent

Jun 16 2021

Casa la Femme

140 Charles St 
New York, NY 10014

We parked at 150 Charles Street and passed by this Egyptian restaurant. Although a bit tacky but we came back to have some drink, after our dinner. At 8 o’clock, even on Wednesday – the first day Cuomo lifted the restriction of pandemic – it was rather full. But luckily we were seated immediately.

Their house wine is from Italy; the threesome dips at $11 each: hummus (the best among the three we ordered), babaganoush (smoky eggplant) and fuul Mesdames (fave beans), came with burning hot bread which is yummy. The dessert baklava is ok. The bar tender was busy making cocktails

Jun 16 2021

White Horse Tavern 

567 Hudson St,
New York, NY 10014

White Horse Tavern is the oldest bar in New York, since 1880. When it was first opened, it was the place for deckhands (longshoreman); in the 1950 and 60s, it was the place for literary people and in 2021 the pandemic, the fake flowers ruin it all.

omg the fake flowers ruins it 艳阳天大解放 直奔最老的白马酒馆 唉 现在搞得假花灿烂的滥的🈚️ 胃口 1880时是码头工人的天下 1950年代文人墨客的聚集地 2021 假花毁了一切.

A new store is opening up soon at the Philip Marie‘s food, wine and love site: reopen or something else?   


Gansevoort Plaza: Herm

Jun 16 2021

A Star War plane

… This photo was taken in China. 

Jun 16 2021

Pier 53

One of many piers in New York. The view is from the Little Island.

Jun 16 2021

City Winery @ Pier 57

25 11th Ave @ 15th St
New York, NY 10011

The day after Gov Cuomo announced COVID-19 restrictions lifted, the most silly thing I’ve heard is, “show your proof of vaccination”.

“What?!?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Never mind that I’ve it …

Actually, throughout the pandemic, not a single business, from airline to grocery store to restaurant, has ever asked me for proof of vaccination. Now the restriction has lifted and here it is, an eatery on one of the piers on the Hudson demands it.

“You know, I’m over 60, well vaccinated months ago.” I still tried to reason with him because we just wanted to have a quick drink before heading to the Little Island @ Pier 55, which is next to it. But the guard at the door absolutely demanded vaccination proof.

“Is this rule written somewhere?” You see the signs saying “no mast no entry”. Why do I believe you didn’t just made it up because I’m a Chinese? “Show me where the rule is written.” He shrugged. By then, I had no desire to go in but wanted to make sure it was indeed their company rule. “Please call your manager.”

A few staff came over and reiterated their policy in unison. One woman asked if we’ve reservation when I said no, she then replied, “oh, we always remind people at the reservation to bring proof of vaccination.”

From the Little Island, I’ve a better look of it: unlike City Vineyard @ Pier 26 with wide open river view, this venue is tucked deep by the long pier to the north, as a wall.

Oh well. I later checked their website and didn’t find the proof of vaccination rule. The company seems to have many locations within US, and New York City alone has three: this one, City Vineyard and Rockefeller Center wine garden – an impressive name but really, for locals, a place for a quick bite – gimmicky.

Jun 16 2021

Little Island 小岛

A tiny concrete oasis grows on the Hudson @ Pier 55.

It’s pretty neat. It has a large food court, two performances areas: the major one is amph. We watched their rehearsal Our Way (?) The big star is the show wife Clair Huxtable of Bill Cosby, played by Phylicia Rashad (1948-) … doesn’t she look like Helle Berry (1966-)?

Many people brought their picnics – some are pretty fancy.

Jun 8 2021

948 sf $2 mil

875 Warren Way,
Palo Alto, CA 94303

This cute house, 2 bedroom one bathroom sold for  $2,470,000 on June 1, after listed for $1,998,000 on April 9, 2021. Built in 1950, it has an attached garage. The price has just gone up $316,377 which is 14.7% in the last 30-day period. The property tax in 2020 was $6,818.