Apr 30 2019

A blueberry

An irregular blueberry on a slice of lemon

Apr 27 2019

Saturday in Flushing

I took the LIRR train into Flushing. It’s pretty early and rather relaxing. The restaurant isn’t crowded. The Tianjin Pancake is up and running. I like them a lot and buy red bean paste cake all the time but lately I find the skin is bit too al dente for my aging teeth. So today I bought the paste, only.

The new building along southern side of the LIRR Flushing station.

Apr 27 2019

An early bird

A spring morning.

Apr 27 2019

Royal Queen

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, 3rd Fl
Flushing, NY 11354

This was Grand Restaurant 君豪大酒楼 – I don’t know when did they change to the current name, because the location and the interior – everything else is unchanged. I haven’t been there for a couple of years and did discover some new dim sums. The six small plates are about $40. Their bathroom is pretty clean.

Apr 25 2019

Someone is on the cloud

A sweet boy is waiting for his girl on the beach. As the temp is heating up, more people are showing up.

Apr 23 2019

A squirrel

In the Central Park on a spring day, isn’t she cute?


Apr 23 2019

Spring Allergy 过敏

Central Park in the spring time is beautiful but deadly, even in the night after the program An American Soldier at NY Historical Society.

… the movings: a bird and squirrel

… more blooming 


and the scenes 


… the Strawberry Field 


Apr 23 2019

Central Park at Night

Spring allergy is killing me but can’t stop me from going to the Park

Apr 19 2019


220-33 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Old fashioned Spanish eatery. 47 years old and one of staff has been there for 40 plus years.

I pass by it all the time and never thought of dine there – like an old furniture – ha ha ha – Will return.

Service and food are great. The Paella is good.
A Semi basement but the ceiling height is good.

String beans are soft
Bread is great
Like their mini decanter (not the glass tho)
Sauces are delicious that we nearly finished two basket of bread – don’t supply the second basket pls.
Bathroom is clean – the only complain would be three stalls making it too tight and unnecessary – two would have been a better choice.

Tiles – one wrong (are you thinking the Glazed Tiles …) – not a complain – just something you can look forward to -:)

Apr 18 2019

Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza is a venue for performances.