Jul 29 2020


Rural … Berkshires? Blue house, red house, … multi color houses and we spotted one house with quarantine on its front door. And the band blue oyster cult.

Jul 27 2020

Bull sharks visit Long Island

Might it be a good news that our water is clean enough that the sharks are coming to enjoy? 97 degrees beach day but a few beaches on the South Shore of Long Island are restricting beachgoers to stay within the first wave after the report that bull sharks are seen in the water. From time to time, helicopter and police boat are seen.

These oystercatchers are plentiful @ Nickerson Beach 

They’ve long red beaks and like to glide in the air: lovely seabirds and fun to watch.

The beach has no shower. Parking is $15.

Jul 23 2020

Caleb Smith State Park

Probably won’t return to this park/preserve. Parking is $8, self service.


The museum


Jul 22 2020

A peach tree

Is the telephone book is still being printed and distributed?? Someone is watching you -:)

Jul 17 2020

Summer day camp

Is this a good idea? Kids don’t know to keep a safe distance …

Jul 14 2020

Kayaking @ the Bay

Gong kayaking when the courts are busy, even he gulls are busy too.


The gazebo, from different angle

Jul 13 2020

Something red

After tennis, walked about 2 miles. Tri color hydrangeas.

Jul 9 2020

My cameras

Over the years, I had/have a few camera. My very first camera was a Nikon F-3 (wiki). It was too heavy and complicated, so I traded it to a Olympus OM2 (wiki), which I used it a great deal. I brought it with me when I came to US.

There were a few auto focus cameras but I couldn’t remember them all. Then came the Casio Exilim (wiki), slim like a credit card. I had three of them, since 2003, and then a few Nikon Coolpixs, the last one being the 12 megapixel, which was a big deal, in 2011.


After that, while having a Canon EOS, purchase for Christmas 2011, I began to use iPhones as my camera. As of now, they work well for me: convenient, not having to carry the big bulky camera.


Pre-iPhone era: the blackberry or crackberry and the Palm Pilot.

… and the Palm Pilots

… with iPhone 12

The three stylus indicated that I must have purchased at least three. One I remembered cleared got stolen from the office, one was destroyed in Beijing from my aunt who put the charge directly into the wall, without the transformer.

Jul 8 2020

Old and new

A mini lion – a huge dog; a house now and then.