Oct 27 2023

Ybor City during Halloween

We came to have a drink after Beaune’s. The main street 7th Avenue, as usual, is filled with people. The difference between day and night, is really day and night.


Oct 27 2023

Beaune’s Wine Bar @ Chateau Cellars

2009 N 22nd St
West Palm Wines
Tampa, FL 33605
Ybor City

Will return.

… more pix on Google Maps

A neat wine bar that opens late than it’s store. The bar counter area is a little unconventional, with a bare wall, which I found refreshing. A lone bar tender serves the room – six of us in total. I’d think on a Friday night, it would be a lot busier.

Love their skinny water glasses and stems.

The four wines – one white and a few red – we tried, are fine but not love love.

  1. Diatom Chardonnay
  2. La Petite Lune, Merlot blend
  3. Peza do Rei Mencia
  4. Sottimano Mate
  5. Cafaggion Chianti

Paying forward: the couple sat next to us, bought a bottle for a near by residents: “the parking lot is rather small for my truck,” the husband said. So they parked on the street, in front of a house. As they got out, they saw the couple were drinking wine on their small front porch. They chatted briefly and they said, when you come back, please feel free to park here. So our drinking mates at the bar got a bottle for them. “We’ll just leave it by their door, as a surprise.”

As it happened, I’m just done Arnie Schwarie – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book that got published two weeks ago: Be Useful, The seven rules to follow to realize your true purpose in life. In it, he stressed the value of an hour a day (do whatever it’s important to you, continuously…), to be useful, to chase your dream and to be kind to others. All of these, makes the doer happy and people all around happy. A book I normally won’t read but it showed up on my Libby, and I’m pretty glad that I did and finished it. Being kind is a trait that you can hone.

Afterward, we went to Ybor City for the Halloween party.

Oct 14 2023

TPA: Tampa airport

4100 George J Bean Pkwy
Tampa, FL 33607

A very modern airport.

… more pix on Google Maps: my blog on TPA in 2023, got 6 helpful votes.

My first impression a few years ago, was very pleased, and even a little surprised: functional, clean, pleasant.

A few years later, I still think it is.

Then yesterday on a pick up, I discovered it’s cell phone lot.

Wow – this is a whole new level of well designed public facility. As you going in, it’s to your right. It has a big parking lot, bathrooms, vending machines, dog bags, car charging stations, arrival info board…


My last time using JFK … urrrrrhhhh cars waiting to pick their loved ones up, were parked on the side of the roads into the airport, in the airport… it was just dangerous to all, and chaotic.

For this particular pick up, with Southwest: it landed as the schedule: 5:31pm. The passenger is off the plane by 5:39 and we drive off the airport at 5:45.

The lounges are limited: by E68 is the Delta Sky Club, and American Airlines Admirals Club by F85. But the good news is, the famed Columbia (original one at Ybor City since 1905) has a branch here – no need to fly hungry: they open 4am till the last flight.


Oct 14 2023

Oxford Exchange

420 W Kennedy Blvd,
Tampa, FL 33606

Def will return.

… more pix on Google Maps

A lovely bookstore / cafe / restaurant / gifts … with old world charm.

It’s a sunny, low humidity Friday afternoon and it’s packed. We only have a cup of coffee. The place is huge.

I first heard of it is from a book club. Many authors come here to read their books – or hold their book prom here.

Interestingly to note that this American restaurant is ‘European-inspired’ 😂 WHY can’t they be inspired by themselves, like old good Americana?

Winston Churchill, the bluest blood British PM told his countrymen in 1955 “never be separated from the Americans.” Ok, UK is out of EU but it’s still part of continent of Europe. Germany 🇩🇪 and France 🇫🇷 are definitely European … but … don’t get me started on this… Although the founding fathers were all from Europe, but USA 🇺🇸 has plenty more to offer and be proud of, let your own your heritage, since 1776 to inspire you. 247 years is short compares to Egyptian’s 8,000 and Chinese 5,000 or 3,000 … but how many governments have last? China 🇨🇳 has just celebrated her 74th birthday a few days ago.

Oh I’m so off the topic 😂

Wishing you all have a great long weekend. Be happy and be well.

Oct 6 2023

Terra Gaucha Brazilian steakhouse

1108 S Dale Mabry Hwy.
Tampa, FL 33629

Def will return.

~ a family affair
~ a military affair

Excellent service, with great food in a happy environment.

… more pix on Google Maps

My last similar meal was at Texas de Brazil Irvine, CA, which I gave a 3 – no comparison, imho.

The salad bar is very decent and can be stand alone or with the meal. The veggies are fresh. Papaya is tender and juicy. I didn’t try the cold cuts but they look pretty.

They provided 3 small plates to the table: parmesan cheese puff, polenta fritter and caramelized banana. The last two are yummy. Didn’t try the puff.

The endless meats come/leave fast (would prefer slower pace, not feeling rushed) … most of photos are blurry – of course my skill isn’t top notch either. One server did ask if I got the photo, I said yes even I didn’t – don’t want to break their rhythms or flows.

Beef of various cuts, pork, lamb, chicken, sausage, shrimp, etc. I like the lamb chop and beef ribs the most.

The bathroom is no frill and clean … but the hook is so high – at the top of the door, even with my high heels I can’t reach. What are they thinking?!