Feb 12 2024

MDN Tabacaria

… so you know I don’t smoke

Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana, 314 A – Copacabana,
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22020-001, Brazil

Def will return.

… more pix and videos on Google Maps

What a send off for us.

The shop is a bit trashy (bright light, tile floor, the noise …) but is the best thing In Copacabana neighborhood, from the staff to the customers. We really enjoyed our last night in Rio, thank you.

Copacabana Palace supposedly their best hotel but the hotel itself seems could use some TLC – a lot of it, and the neighborhood feels New York 23rd Street. Buildings around the CP look shabby.

When we came to this cigar lounge, we were overjoyed. So we decided to spend last night here.

We were out the whole day and phone battery charger was long gone. They were kind enough to charge my phone – so we can Uber home.

The young guy who served the humidor is handsome and polite. The young lady at the bar makes the best Tanqueray and Tonic: she added peppercorns!

A regular, who said he’s of Lebanese descent was helping us with translation, and let me try his hoka, which is also becoming more popular in Rio. The lounge serves decent food – from the food he ordered.

The one last round of drink, to send us off. I couldn’t drink any more, only tried a little – it was yummy. No I don’t remember it’s name

As the night going deep, the noisy level increased. By then we were ready to leave. It was just a relaxed night and thank you all for your hospitality.

Feb 11 2024

Bota Restaurante

Av. Infante Dom Henrique – Glória
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20020-140

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Three restaurants (Kitchen, a fusion and an Argentina Corrientes 348) on this marina and non of them are on the water. Maybe their sensibility is different from ours.

They’ve indoor and outdoor seatings.

We got there at 5:48 and no they don’t have tables on the water. So we chose to seat inside. It was quite hot out there. By 6:12, they offered us to sit on the upper deck which is looking over the water. By 6:21, the loud music begins to blast – good it was only testing; it didn’t come on again till 7pm when we were done with our dinner.

The floor of the upper deck isn’t the most stable. Most people there were drinking. Guess they eat late.

We’ve octopus and steak. Octopus is gigantic. They cared to know if my food was ok, I told them the truth – just tooooo big of a portion. The steak is more like breakfast steak.

They sell cigars too. Oh well.

Feb 11 2024

Cantón – Peruvian & Chinese

R. Rodolfo Dantas, 26; Copacabana,
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22020-040

… more pix on Google Maps, Yelp & TA.

So will not return.

Location: cross street from Copacabana Palace hotel, and half block from the famous prestige beach. However, the neighborhood feels crappy, like New York 23rd street.
Air conditioning: lacking
Decor: a little overdone but tolerable
Service: ok
Food: subpar
Tableware: plastic and some are chipped
Utensils: fast food or school cafeteria

They opened late on this Sunday. One waitress serving the small room, who looks shaky when serving the wine. They don’t have tea, the hot steaming yummy tea.

Food: we’ve wanton, mapo tofu and garlic charsui (pork).
Fried Wanton: so so. Only because I wanted dumplings during the Chinese lunar new year. The filling isn’t too bad
Mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐: is 家常豆腐. No spicy at all. I asked for some spicy sauce, it came sweet.
Garlic charsiu: what’s the hell is this one? Where is my garlic?!? Both tofu and this one use the same dark sauce, which is, so $5.99 Flushing.

Bathroom has no ac, on a 92 degrees day.

Feb 10 2024

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana is a bairro (neighborhood) in Rio de Janeiro: in  the South Zone of the city. It’s 4 km (2.5 miles) balneario beach is the most famous.

I’m impressed by how clean the beach is!

Of course, there is this famous statue of Ayrton Senna (1960-94), who won the F-1 World Drivers’ Championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991. Michael Schumacher (1969-) won 7: 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Senna’s death certainly made Schumacher’s win that much easier.




Feb 10 2024

Quiosque Chopp Brahma

R. Visconde do Rio Branco 360 qd 138 lj 1 pav 1, Niterói Rio de Janeiro – RJ 24020-000, Brazil

… more pix on Google Maps; Yelp.

A bar on the Copacabana Beach -:) couldn’t have been more convenient.

At 11am, they only have 600 ml Stella Artois beer. I’ve two coconuts, and we shared fried cheese. Just perfect for a stop.

They take credit cards.

Their straw reminds me of my childhood days in Beijing, in the 60s – my grandma Nainai always had to cut the top bec after a few sips, the paper (??) just gave away.

Feb 10 2024

Forte de Copacabana

Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco, 1,
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22070-020, Brazil

… more pix on Google Maps, Yelp, TA.

The museum is at the southern end of the Copacabana, and where the Colombo is. I think most people going there is for the cafes and meals.

The Fort charges a nominal fee to get in and they don’t take credit card. When we asked if USD would do, the guard kindly let us in. Thank you.

The ground is neatly kept. We walked around briefly after lunch. It’s scene.

Feb 10 2024

Confeitaria Colombo

… behind my left shoulder is their shanty town  
Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco, 01,
Rio de Janeiro – RJ 22070-020, Brazil

Def will return.

… more pix on Google Maps, Yelp, TA

It’s inside of the Fort Copacabana, with both indoor and outdoor seatings, looking out to the famous beach. It’s a 93 degrees day and we’re very comfortable by the water, with a strong Atlantic Ocean breeze.

The Fort charges a nominal fee to get in and they don’t take credit card. When we asked if USD would do, the guard kindly let us in. Thank you.

(Again, we’re going to survive on credit card here.)

Service is really good but slow, which is fine. The food, oh my, Huge portion and they taste good. We’ve Salmon and pasta salad – look at the size! The green rice is well cooked and yummy (a little saggy tho).

I also tried their yogurt, which is yummy too.

Feb 10 2024

Airport lounge 机场休息室

Amex Centurion @ eze: Terminal B by Gate 19
Buenos Aires

… more pix on Google Maps

There are many airport lounge networks, most of them run by airlines itself, like Delta, while others run by credit card, such as Amex Centurion, and lounge access program such as Priority Pass.

Many credit cards give you free access to PriorityPass locations. During my younger days, I won’t leave a minute early than necessarily. Now, I’m early by the hour (ok, not the hour, but just leave early, to not have to deal with the stress of running late.) So airport lounges seem a good place to check it out.

… more lounges I’ve used:

  1. ATL @ Atlanta – Centurion
  2. GIG @ Rio de Janeiro – Plaza Premium Lounge
  3. EZE @ Buenos Aire

Amex Centurion Lounge at Buenos Aires‘s eze is my first, when we’re waiting to take our flight up to Rio de Janeiro.

What has gotten to me today? Little Irene wants a burger 🍔 are u kidding me?

Guess not.

At Burger King, I don’t know how to order with the machine. A little frustrated, I said, what the hell, why don’t I go to the Centurion Amex Lounge instead?

The Centurion Lounge is, as usual, decent with all the drinks (soft and hard) and cold food, with a couple of hots. The two tv monitors are showing soccer games. Their policy for Amex users are 3 hours prior to departure.

We’ve a long layover @ eze, so I checked out the other lounges:

  1. Latam @ eze, $45 pp, stay as long as you want (can go in and out)
  2. Aerolineas Argentinas $60 for four hours

一根筋 想吃汉堡
机器下单 自己搞不定 发愁

突然想起 不如去运通休息室吧

以前赶飞机 都是掐着时间 早一分钟都不肯
现在老太婆了 早的以小时计 (没有了 不过差不多…)
以前不会用运通的福利. 现在变常客
可惜现在没什么网球比赛 都是⚽️
吃了喝了 汉堡点了


多吃点了吗?想想俺轮流天涯海角的靠汉堡充饥 😜😹



Feb 9 2024

SDU airport, Bossa Nova

Praça Sen. Salgado Filho, s/n – Centro,
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20021-340, Brazil

Santos Dumont Airport SDU is the 2nd airport in Rio de Janeiro, named after Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont (1873–1932). It opened in 1973; operates by Infraero since 1986.

Bossa Nova Mall is connected to it, that hosts many shops, eateries, Xian, WeWork, and a hotel. When we got there at 7:30pm for dinner, it was relatively calm. By the time we were leaving around 9:45, it came to live with music and crowds.


Feb 9 2024

Ibis @ Rio, Santos Dumont

Sunday, Feb 12, 8:36am

Av. Mal. Câmara, 280 – 1º andar – Centro,
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20020-080, Brazil

This is a 2-star hotel. It looks nicer online and in photos.

… more pix on Google Maps, TA

Alberto Santos Dumont (1873–1932) was a Brazilian aviation pioneer. Near the hotel is Rio’s 2nd airport SDU that is named after him.

We booked this in early January and by then, not many hotels were available, due to the carnival, which runs Feb 9th to 14th.

The glitters remain in the lobby, as we’re leaving on Tuesday, Feb 13

It’s in ‘central’ but the surrounding area is rather desolated; except every morning, the dressed up or down carnival crowds gathers by the hotel.

The room is small but functional. The bed and pillow are ok. Shower water pressure is pretty strong, which is good. It provides a mini refrigerator and a safe. Same dirty plates are often left in the hall way for extended time.

  • condensation fm the air conditioner drips, and they never provide an extra towel to absorb it
  • slow elevators
  • room isn’t cleaned every day – no biggie

The bar in the lobby is ok. I didn’t visit restaurant on the first floor. We used Uber or taxi to get around.