Eaton 香港逸東酒店

380 Nathan Road, Kowloon

A relative has Genius to hotels in HK. This one 3 nights US$313.53.

The entrance is on the side street, off Nathan. The lobby is on a higher floor. The street level has a bank of elevators. It offers free tai chi class every morning 8-9am in the T Garden, which allows smoking, which can be annoying when the smokers come to fill their void. 8am in the morning! The pool is closed due to renovation, which is a huge disappointment.

image imageimage

The wood panels as curtain in the room is really good, blocking out the sunlight completely. Service is decent and speedy. Some art works dot the lobby. They provide a mobile phone – yes you can take it with you while as their guest, which is a big plus. The first room they assigned us, had heavy smell of smoke. Yuck!!

image image image image

The bar

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