Canceled flight

I didn’t experience too many canceled flight. The only one I remembered was to Cancun in Spring 1990. The airport was patrolled by soldiers with machine guns and we were escorted to a brand new hotel – they had to hurry up to put pillow case on – for the night.

The weather wasn’t terrible but they decided to cancel, the MU5006 (China Eastern Airlines, 6:40-8:20pm).IMG_3066

  1. A few postponements
  2. They made the announcement to cancel
  3. Issued dinner coupons
  4. Have passengers to hand in their duty free merchandises – long line
  5. Group us, go through the immigration, then up to the bus
  6. Long drive to the hotel, about 30 minutes
  7. Assign room at the hotel

DSCN8589When I got into the room, which is dark, damp and nasty, it’s 11:30pm. We would be picked up at 5:30 next morning.

The production to cancel a flight is humongous. I don’t know who’s going to pick the tab – if each flight is being insured. Was the weather really that bad to warren such laborious endeavor?

It’s this time, I wondered the hall near the gate at the TPE (Taoyuan International Airport) and saw a nicely made up cosmetic sales girl trying to block a woman who dressed  like a peasant to enter the doorless store. The customer moved to her right, the sales girl who’s facing me and the customer, moved to her left and on and on. I was annoyed. I don’t think I’ve seen anything so blatantly rude before.

DSCN8588 DSCN8586

The food court at TPE has many to offer at reasonable price.

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