Dongzhi 东至县

Dongzhi (wiki/zh wiki) is a county under City of Chizhou (wiki), in Anhui (安徽) province, China. It’s one of my four branches’ hometown. The map below is made with wikian image and a mapbar (the touristy map).

map of China - Dongzhi

  • where to stay: hotels I stayed here
  • how to get there: It’s 66 km (41 miles) south of Anqing 安庆 and 230 km (143 miles) south of Hefei.
  • where to go:
  • what to do
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Over the years, it had been known under different names:

  •  ..
  • Qiupu 秋浦县, since 1914: 前身为清代池州府建德县,因与浙江省建德县重名,改名秋浦县 (zh wiki)
  • Zhide 至德县, since 1932 (民国21年): 秋浦县更名至德县
  • Dongzhi 东至县, since 1959: 由东流、至德两县合并成

Dongzhi is one of four counties in Chizhou, with 12 towns (镇 zhen) and 3 villages (乡 xiang):

  1. 尧渡镇 (zh wiki) seat of government & Zhikengshan 纸坑山
  2. 东流镇
  3. 大渡口镇
  4. 胜利镇
  5. 张溪镇
  6. 洋湖镇
  7. 葛公镇
  8. 香隅镇
  9. 官港镇 (included Shichengxiang 石城乡)
  10. 昭潭镇
  11. 龙泉镇
  12. 泥溪镇
  13. 花园乡
  14. 木塔乡
  15. 青山乡

Jiande 建德是安徽省旅游景点最集中的地区之一???  It’s nine administrative towns
▪ 洋湖镇
▪ 葛公镇
▪ 官港镇
▪ 昭潭镇
▪ 龙泉镇
▪ 泥溪镇
▪ 木塔乡
▪ 青山乡

FullSizeRenderThere are three mayors 市长 of Chizhou (map  of Chizhou) listed on different sites:

  1. On wiki, it’s Chen Qiang (陈强)
  2. On zh wiki, it’s 雍成瀚  (Yong Chenghan)
  3. On baike, it’s 赵馨群 (Zhao Xinqun)

It’s probably lack of updating. Yong Chenghan (代理 as the interim chief; photo) had a meeting with my relative in February 2016.

2016 flood

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