The Voyage of Pujiang 浦之舟

3688 Binjiang Ave, Pudong, Shanghai, China
浦东新区 滨江大道3688号(近东昌路)
Phone: +86 21 5840 0318

Puzhizhou, Boat on the Pu River sits on the Pu river just south of the Renmin Road Tunnel. The view is spectacular. Multiple levels, some suites have doors that open up to the balcony (ours doesn’t – we declined the offer to move to the next room with door: a little too chilly). It’s a Thursday in March, the restaurant isn’t full. The service is really good, so is the food, and the portion is on the large side.

IMG_8296 IMG_8297

Love their tea cup, the feel is so good.

IMG_8298 IMG_8299 IMG_8300 IMG_8302 DSCN8706 DSCN8705 IMG_8303 IMG_8304

I might go home with a new mom? 谁说🇨🇳的女孩子只认 🚗 🏠?9 小姑娘不难看吧? 说不定俺得叫她小妈. 祝福㊗️老爸. 小姑娘对老爸赞不绝口 … 📷时又这么小鸟依人. 俺开心的以为可能当晚就能带个小妈回家 [偷笑] “小妈”是开玩笑,其它都是真. 她是服务员

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