imageSunday morning catching a 9 o’clock flight should be a piece of cake. But as soon as we approaching the departure (at the terminal) we’ve to halt to a full stop. All lanes were packed and people were getting off (from cars or vans) on the left lane. It’s just too crazy.
Once inside, omg, more lines. As if everyone is leaving New York. Packed. Packed. And packed. I waited about 30 minutes to get to the security check point. There were two short liens at either side: for $10 additional or some membership or ticket type, you can cut the line. Talking about class.
The inside of the JetBlue terminal is spacious and well lighted – it’s a sunny 60 degree day. Banks of tables with changing outlets and tablets. There are holders for iPad as well. Nice design for the road warriors. Saw a bird while waiting: a lost soul – how did it get into the terminal?

image image image image

The flight isn’t fully booked.

image image

from Utah


Aerial view of Oakland, CA

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