Northeast Cuisine 鹏城老北方酒楼

3034 Jiefang Lu, Luohu
罗湖区 解放路3034号湖北宾馆2楼(近桂园路)

Aunt Jennie loves this restaurant in Shenzhen, she talked about it a lot. It’s casual, clean and delicious. I liked all the food we ordered, except, the dumplings and dumpling pancakes – I’ve them better in New York.

IMG_4254 IMG_4253

Reportedly, Target is being targeted by 500,000 shoppers or people who boycott the store over their transgender bathroom policy. Ha ha ha … they should go to this restaurant – a little adventure. Male and Female are mixed in the same room. This IS a first for me, in any country, IF my memory serves me right.

Ok, here are the food for 3. Of course with left over. Long way to take them home but aunt won’t order less. There is a steak house on the same floor.

IMG_4263 IMG_4262 IMG_4264 IMG_4258

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