Minghao Seafood 名豪鱼翅海鲜

3883 Hongmei Lu (near YanAn XiLu)
虹梅路 3883号 (近延安西路; 长宁店)

Dad’s 85th birthday falls on a rainy day. Traffic was terrible in the evening. We were an hour late to the restaurant (dianping and comments).

IMG_8845 IMG_8846 IMG_8847 IMG_8848

My cousin picked this one and it’s a great choice. Valet parking. Men dressed in long red coat greeted us by the door. The hall is spacious with exhibits – reportedly they change them often. We dined in a suite, a closet and a bathroom; it’s two tables with sitting area at one end – not an uncommon configuration in China. We’d more than a dozen dishes: small portion, nicely prepared and presented. I’d give them 4.5 stars – I’m stingy on giving out 5.

IMG_8862 image-16 IMG_8852 IMG_8849

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