Driving in China

In this gated community in Shanghai, a driver parked the car blocking the path. Inexperience or didn’t care? I wasn’t sure there’s a parking lot for visitors. The narrow path doesn’t seem to provide space for street parking. What do you do when you’ve a party?

Also, I observed the gate keepers are often salute the driver, as in the army – right hand to his temple, as the homeowners drive by.
This time around, I found almost all the cars are equipped with this device, to proven pengci 碰瓷 – baike explains 碰瓷,原属北京方言,泛指一些投机取巧,敲诈勒索的行为。例如故意和机动车辆相撞,骗取赔偿。此外,“碰瓷”也是古玩业的一句行话,意指个别不法之徒在摊位上摆卖古董时,常常别有用心地把易碎裂的瓷器往路中央摆放,专等路人不小心碰坏,他们便可以借机讹诈。所以每个人在遇见这种情况下,不要被碰瓷者的言语所迷惑,静下心来报警,等待他们的将是法律的制裁。

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Rendezvous …

Toll booths are the meeting place, or pit stop for drivers in China. It’s dangerous but apparently not to the trillion drivers in the country. They rendezvous there. They check things there (perhaps it’s safer than driving while checking!). They map out next leg of travel there.

During this trip, we stopped at the toll booth at

Finding pedestrians/workers on highway isn’t uncommon in China

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