Juqi 局气

14 Banbuqiao St, Xicheng, Beijing, China
西城区 半步桥

Juqi 局气, in Beijing slang means fair, just  公平, 公正, 守规矩.

From what I’ve heard and read, there’s a long long line to get a table. But when we showed up at its main shop – the original one, on Wednesday at 1pm, we got a table right away, in the main dinning hall. (TA)

The decor is all about old Beijing, or Peking, or Beiping. The service is good. The dishes are very decent, nicely presented and tasty. The three of us ordered ¥146 (about US$22) worth of food and we left with a huge dogie bag. The chopstick pack is stuffed with a few extras: aside from the chopsticks, it’s toothpick and chewing gum too. However, each pack costs ¥2. It seems ridiculous to me that a restaurant charges a fee on tableware.

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All the dishes have fancy names in Chinese and descriptive in English. There is a break between lunch and dinner.




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