To Frankfurt

Lately, all the airlines seem to arrive early, that made Lufthansa’s 1.5 hour delay more prominent. Don’t remember the reason. It scheduled at 9:45 but didn’t take off till 11:15. The captain announced that they’ll serve dinner and then breakfast. Breakfast yes but dinner? It’s the middle of the night. They kept the light off while serving drinks then dinner. There was a kid screamed till taking off.
The plane, an A380 looks modern, however, the seat feels small. I particularly like their blanket, dark blue with grey trim. The touchscreen entertainment has very limited shows and is hard to use: when I touch, nothing happens. One of the programs is 15 min long airplane yoga, which is pretty good. On the movie side, it offers Her (didn’t finish) and American Hustler (fell asleep). In comparison, Cathay Pacific has wider selections in term of entertainment.

Frankfurt airport seems a little JFK: luggage was slow to deliver. The belt stopped for a while. It took about 30 minutes to appear. Luckily mine was among the first. Renate waited for nearly 2.5 hours. She said there wasn’t any news regarding delays. The broken escalator and the train kept on changing tracks.

I bought a lot of food only because my suitcase is kind of empty. I travel light and a carry on would do just fine. But when my aunt asks me to buy stuff, the little carry on feels too tiny. But a full fledge luggage is way big. So to fill it I brought food. Shiraz two buck Chuck
Small cake fm St Mary
Two bags of wasabi peas

Dinner served at 1am, with real utensils. And I love it when they serve Bayleys -:) Beethoven sonatas/Oehms by Alexej Gorlatch
Frankfurt is like Toronto, practical and very livable.
Wu Hong is my type of gal/people, -:)
Packing food,

Renate’s birthday, friends coming from all over the world: 140+ friends from 35 countries. I guessed it right: I’m the only one from the big USA.

They talked about using the ashes to make diamond and plates.

I stayed at Hotel Falk which is a few yards from her home. It’s good water pressure. Wifi seems to support limited sites. WeChat, email, and weather are fine. But Facebook and Wikipedia are not accessible.

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