Tianjin 2016

Dad wanted to see his former school Yaohua (wiki).  Right before we left, he suddenly announced that he would like to see his second sister at breakfast. I was surprised. I had asked many times as where and whom he’d like to go and see so I could plan. I have no contact with 2nd Aunt so where did we start?

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The cost of gas in Beijing, 92 octane is ¥5.55 and 95 ¥5.92 per liter, which equals to $3.46 a gallon, sure is more expensive than in USA, this 2009 blog complains on gas prices too.

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The drive to TJ is, relatively smooth. We had time to talk in the car (although I would have preferred train), and got to many sites that I or we intended to visit. First we went to Hebei University of Technology 河北工大/河北工业大学, it’s an exhibit on Zhou Xuexi. Next, I visited the famed Wudadao 天津五大道, and Jianfu Temple 荐福庵. Before dinner, we got to visit a relative and had dinner at Goubuli Buns 狗不理包子. Going back to Beijing was a little problematic because I needed A Ticket to Ride. A few random shots of Tianjin.

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