National Palace Museum 台北故宫

221 Chih-shan Rd., Sec. 2; Shih-lin, Taipei 11143, Taiwan

Exhibits wise, pretty empty. Visitors wise, over crowded. Looking Back a Hundred Years 百年回目 is good tho.

IMG_4556 IMG_4554

The tour groups were everywhere, they filled every corners and every halls, like in the famous night food markets. If weren’t for my Dad, I won’t go. I had it better in New York: the best exhibits were staged at the Met in 1996. Yes, Met offers better condition to host the exhibits, excellent environment, plus knowledgeable visitors. I could actually look at a piece at my own leisure, enjoy my time. (Suggestion: come to New York again and stay here. The exhibits will last longer in better condition.) In Taipei, the staff kept on hissing you to move on. If you insist to stay for an extra second or two, the rushing tour groups would sweep you away like a roaring current anyway.

Exhibits, what exhibits? I saw nothing.

IMG_4575 IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4580

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