Western liquor in China, 2016

During my 2016 trip, western table wine is still an exotic thing. Sure, the wine lists are long at decent restaurants. But over all, the general consumption isn’t there and the customers are uneducated. These two French wines are also from China, this one and this one.

  • 2019, is getting better!

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This Cabernet Sauvignon, the right one (2014) is purchased in Shanghai for RMB ¥168 (about USD $25.79) and left (2013) is from New York US$8.99.

Ballantine’s (since 1827) Scotch whisky (on wiki) seems to be a popular brand in China, even China isn’t listed on their web site‘s pull down menu.

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The Furuisi 福瑞斯 XO Brandy from Yantai is a lousy product. The seal is wet, the cork is broken as I was trying to open. It smells sugary/syrupy. I use it for cooking.

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