CX lost my luggage

Cathay Pacific Airways, out of all others, has lost my luggage. A first in my little life. I flow from JFK to PVG in late March this year, via Hong Kong, of course. When I landed in Shanghai, one piece luggage was missing. After waiting and filing – it’s a hell that evening in Pudong Airport … the airport staff determined that it’s lost and “will contact me.”

The last time I’ve luggage problem, was also with CX, in 2011 fm JFK to PEK. Luckily it’s delayed and they delivered in a few hours shortly after, which was 2 am in Peking. My uncle had to wake up to accept the delayed luggage.  This time, however, it was lost. Gone.

First, there were multiple phone calls (to my relative since I don’t have a Chinese phone number; as that really necessary?) and then the pvg sent me a 4 pages document to fill, claiming officially that it’s lost. After I filled the lost items they asked for receipts, which I no longer have them. I don’t keep receipts, especially grocery shopping.

I normally travel with a carry-on only. This time my cousin asked me to bring some dog food which is only available in U.S. So I throw in a few bottles of wine and some skincare etc. to fill in that box. The dog food was for a party … Aren’t they handsome?!

Then pvg referred my case to CX. Again, CX asked for my receipts. And said that they would only reimburse me 50% of what I’ve listed. Hell, that’s so unfair. Even they reimburse me as I claimed, who’s going to pay for the shipping of the dog foods???

“Would you pay for the shipping of the dog food from the U.S. to Shanghai?” They didn’t reply on this.

They caused me and my cousin so much trouble, inconvenient me for so long and then, they demanded receipts. Hell. Why can’t you make things right and easy for your customer?

The airline industry has changed so much over the years, I just can’t believe that nowadays, an airline loses your luggage when everyone can manage to arrive early for their scheduled flight.

CX’s attitude is horrible and unacceptable.

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