Beijing airport

Terminal 3. Wow, it left our JFK in the distance, like the third world. AND the luggage carts are free and abundant. Who’s decision to charge the cart at the major airport? Oh ya right, every soul in the world carries our Greenback.

Overseas college ad for the kids: there is an easy way out. Israeli airlines.

My Xiaoyi and Yifu came to pick us up. The parking lot felt like any garage out here in Long Island, Porsche, BMW, Benz, Audi (dah), Jeep, Cadillac .. and sure the majority is Japs and local makers; but the prosperity is clearly fuming.
Xiao Yifu paid the garage and exited. Then a few moments later, paid the airport fee (the usage fee or what for the highway?) and left the booth. Then he stopped the car right there. got out. went to the truck. took few bottles of water (for us).
It’s about 9 pm. The high way in front of us wasn’t busy but there were cars. There were cars coming out of the booth behind us too. No one honked. I was bewildered; he didn’t even bother to pull to the side to do this business. Never mind that we said we weren’t thirsty. IF I knew this stunt, I’d scream my heart out to assure him we were properly fed and watered by Cathay Pacific.

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