Seafood City

459 City Island Ave
Bronz, NY 10464

A great place to watch sunset. It’s big both inside and out. Friendly staff at the counter, decent food. A perfect spot for a beer and watch the sun goes home.  (I saw four guys sat at the corner with tableful food and … cigars).

If you’re like me, like to eat crab / king crab legs clean, then bring your own utensils. They provide nutcracker on demand but is asking for $3 deposit – hope the sweet kid was not kidding me. When I told him I don’t have cash on me (we sat outside) he gave me one. When I asked if he’s seafood forks, he gave me two plastic and said, “$6” ha ha ha.

The king crab legs are fine but but greasy. The fried calamari is bit old – not al dente.

We went but early, a few families with kids were loud and parents did nothing to stop their running screaming kids.


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