Rodin Museum

2151 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Intimate is the word for this little heaven. Just like his sculptures. I’ve been his fan since primary school time, when the private art teacher showed me a book titled 罗丹艺术论 (Art Theory of Rodin). I did’t understand the theory any better than neuroscience or rocket science but falling in love with his arts, rather erotic sculptures. My appreciation was genuine, not because of his book/arts was taboo at the time. Visiting his museums @ Stanford (it houses the largest collection of his, outside of Paris), and Met in New York (which has many exquisite pieces) and Paris has always been the highlight of my trips. The Philly’s although is small but gives you a different experience: intimacy. And I would vote the bathroom there is the best in the world.

The front of the building is adorned by The Gates of Hell. It’s dark and hellish. A skinny black gentleman said to me, “I don’t know what Mr. Rodin was thinking” as he was sweeping the floor.

亲密 (Intimate) 是描述这个小天堂的词. 就像他的雕塑. 自从小学时小安阿姨给我看了一本名为罗丹艺术论的书,俺就变成了他的粉丝. 虽然我不太明白那本艺术论 – 对我来说好象是火箭科学,但却喜爱上他的艺术,erotic 雕塑. 我的赞赏并不是因为他的书/艺术当时是禁忌的. 参观他的博物馆@斯坦福(它拥有他在巴黎以外的最大的收藏)和纽约的大都会 (有许多他的精品),巴黎一直是我旅行的亮点. 费城虽然很小但给你一个不同的体验:亲密。 另外那里的厕所是世界上最好的.

Suggested contribution is $10. If you plan to visit Philadelphia Museum of Art, then do purchase the combo which is $20. Street parking: a quarter gets you 10 min of time. Web site



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