Chenglong Hang 成隆行 (Huaihai)

1 Fenyang Lu 汾阳路1号 (淮海店)
Shanghai, China,

The spelling can be different: Cheng Long Xing Xie WangFu, Cheng Long Hang Xie Wangfu. I’d dinner there in 2014 at different location tho, in a private room on the second floor. Here in the open, dinning can be trying: noisy and rushed. Foods are fine and service is ok. We ask for a scissor to cut the crab and the waiter turns around and picks one up from the dirty bin, right in front of us.

img_9506 img_9508

The crab is sold by size: female 3.5 cm/公分 is ¥308, 2.5 cm¥180 and male 5 cm goes for ¥388.

img_9511 img_9523 img_9529 img_9527 img_9525 img_9514

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