Shanghai Chenglong Hang 成隆行

成隆行颐丰花园餐饮会所 Chenglong Hang Yifeng Garden Club
上海 长宁区 虹桥路1442号 1442 Hongquao Lu, Changning District

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This is one of two Shanghai restaurants on Cai Lan’s list. It has old fashioned décor. Most rooms on the second floor are small with low ceiling, over looking the main hall on the ground floor, where two female musicians playing, one on piba. Their bathroom is clean. Good service, pretty presentation and delicious food. I love the crabs! The restaurant prides itself as

蟹王府 奄仔蟹 是还未交配的“童男” “童女” 青蟹, 来自咸淡水交界的台山。

This type of (Aberdeen?) crab is not yet mated “boys”, or “virgin girl” who live in  brackish water from the junction of Taishan. Wiki explains as follow:

奄仔蟹 (yan zi)其实是来自咸淡水交界、约3个月大、未曾产卵受精的幼年雌蟹,产于流浮山一带的珠江三角洲,蟹羔呈鲜黄色,味道甘香鲜美。特征——蟹身色泽较浅,蟹腹细小且白里透黑,壳薄。

黄油蟹 Royal Crab is available between June to September.

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They also serve 海蚌 mussels/oysters from Zhanggang 漳港 of City of Changle 长乐市 in Fuzhou – 海蚌是福建长乐湖南的特产,主产区在长乐湖南镇海域,因一直是漳港商贩代为销售,又称漳港海蚌.

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