Aug 1 2011

Wuxi pearls

Ok, I bough this one for ¥680 in Wuxi. My girl friend bough a similar one, in size and color in Shanghai for ¥200. It’s ok, we keep China’s economy humming and girls employed. Beside, it looks causally good on me, even only I said so.

The promotional booklet reads:

All my distinguished guests
Now you are visiting the largest pearl exhibition center in China.
Wuxi Yuan Run Ju Pearl Co Ltd. 无锡园润居珍珠首饰有限公司 is specialized in designing, producing and selling high quality pearls and her branch companies are blossoming in large Chinese metropolitan cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.
Fu Yu Run 福钰润, created more than 30 years ago by Wuxi yuan Run Ju Pearl Co. Ltd. is now a well-known pearl product brand. It has earned the reputation for all the pearls from Taihu Lake as the most beautiful pearls ever found in the world 太湖珍珠甲天下.



Aug 1 2011

Jiangnan Examination 江南贡院

155 171 170 164 159 158

Aug 1 2011

Fuzimiao Walking Street 夫子庙

The Confucius Temple in Nanjing 南京.

Did I see Sushi?