May 25 2015

Evergreen Shanghai restaurant

10 E 38 Street


Been there so many times, a go to place: good food and decent service. It’s big for large party too.


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May 25 2015


The Jap-inspired boutique hotel, on Park at 38th Street.
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May 25 2015

The Cloisters 修道院

99 Margaret Corbin Drive,
Fort Tryon Park

A wonderful place to visit, over looking the Hudson River. The admission $25 gives you the privilege to visit the Met on the same day.
It’s specializing in European medieval architecture, sculpture and decorative arts. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. acquired the collection in 1925, and further extended. In 1931, he purchased current land at Washington Heights and built what its the Cloisters now.

在纽约上城的这个修道院是以欧洲中世纪建筑,雕塑和装饰艺术为主. 小约翰·洛克菲勒于1925年收购并进一步扩大. 在1931年, 他购买了华盛顿高地的现址. 四个 cloisters 回廊, 俯瞰哈德逊河 华盛顿桥 绿油油的新泽西州. 当天的门票也可以在大都会博物馆使用. 它们之间的距离有 7.8 里/12.5 公里. 公共汽车有 M4 和 98; 地铁 A 到190 街 1号线到191 街 下车. 免费停车场. 修道院是在 Fort Tryon Park 公园里. 离修道院出口几步是 New Leaf 新叶子餐馆, 那里每个星期五下午有音乐表演.



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