Feb 7 2016

Dupont Circle Freshfarm Market

Sunday market at 20th Street and Massachusetts Ave NW. We visited it again in May

It’s a lovely weekend market, near our hotel. All the vendors seem can tell some stories. It’s pretty neat that they don’t start sell until 10 am when a lady using a small bell to ring, gives a little flavor, as if in old times (really?). Many items are priced high. Many items are not necessarily good. But over all, it’s a great place to shop on a weekend.

IMG_4607 IMG_4605 IMG_4604 IMG_4603

I enjoyed the Qualia Coffee the most. Seeing the guy brewing the coffee, we stopped by and bought. I asked if they sell “concubine”.

Concubine?” They looked blank.

“You mean geisha?” the brewer asked.

“Oh, yes …” Silly me. Must be the age.

They have at store but not at the market, unfortunately.

It seems only yesterday that Americans drink brown water. My first taste of Starbucks coffee was in 1986 in Seattle. Now it’s US$74.81 billion market capitalization (SBUX on NASDAQ, closed at $54.14). Small coffee houses are everywhere.

Picture below left, he looks like a sea captain …

IMG_4590 IMG_4597

Pinch: two white guys selling dumplings. Chinese food must be in vogue? Neat name. Pic on the right: kimchi, any one?

IMG_4598 IMG_4584

These Brussels sprouts below look like undernourished. Maybe Long Island’s are better or in season? Pic on right: $11 a pound of kale: Lacinato kale, green boar kale, … Have you eaten your green yet?

IMG_4594 IMG_4592

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