Aug 6 2017

Elaine’s Asian Bistro & Grill

8 Bond St, Ste 3
Great Neck, NY 11021
(516) 829-8883

It’s been a long time since I last visited it. In 1990s it was Red Camellia (红山茶) run by a lady from Kunming. Before her it was Chopstick (?). Not sure Elaine’s was immediately after her. It recently changed hand and their liquor license is pending approval. Tonight, we dined without wine, which sucks. An elder couple left upon learning no liquor situation. BYOB is allowed but we only learned after sat down. Their service and food are good. The decor is fine. On a Sunday evening, they’re doing pretty good business.

They’re perhaps, one of the handful few in New York uses thin crepe for Beijing Duck – as I despise, really despise all others that use bread for the duck – they should be shot. Call ahead because it needs an hour to prepare.

The fish head is really good. The pickled veggie fish soup although is not bad but I found it a bit too sweet for my taste – maybe it’s just my brain is too sugared up, ha ha ha. The bacon and bean-curd is too plain.  The appetizer sweet ribs (I got it for to-go) is ok. They’ve two sets of menu, one for Chinese. The mango sherbet is good – they sell bindi desserts, which is for a change, a good change! The bird’s nest soup (sweet) is good too.

Street parking or the parking lot which is diagonally on the opposite of street.