Feb 11 2018

Gum Wah

345 8th St,
Oakland, CA 94607

Will return. A very topical Cantonese eatery where old gentlemen bring their birds and chitchat and eat. But I did see a mom with her 6 years old and an older diva in trendy yoga leggings. Free Chinese newspapers are on the tables. I’m lucky to have found a parking spot on the street four cars away from this restaurant. With a nice pedestrian’s help I successfully parallel parked, with a hour limit.

Foods are all good. Beef rice noodle with too much meat. Congee is delicious. I saw how they make the thin rice sheet to wrap the fried stick – youtiao and ordered one: the sheet is great but fried stick is kind of hard. Service is affable. When I tried to get hot water for my ever-presence tea bottle and couldn’t, she said “oh you don’t know” and went on to show me.


Feb 10 2018

Herbert Hoover

President Hoover’s legacy lives on at Stanford. The tower ($4 admission) has a clear view of the campus, the institute houses many historical collections. his included.



Feb 10 2018

Stanford Jr

A boy died too young …
Motion film was invented @ Stanford


Feb 10 2018

Rodin at Stanford

328 Lomita Dr,
Stanford, CA 94305

Cantor Arts Center/Museum in Stanford (The Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University), San Francisco has the largest collection of Rodin’s works outside of his own museum in Paris.



Feb 10 2018

Getty Museum

1200 Getty Center Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90049

I saw All the Money in the World last year and Getty Center becomes a must on my list – which is a good place to visit in LA.

The art collections, architecture and the landscaping are nicely designed and done. The museum is free, parking $15.




Feb 10 2018

Getty restaurant

1200 Getty Center Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Pleasant, straightforward, bit pricy. Food and service are above average. I’m expecting a killer view but disappointed by the balcony wall – see through fiber glass (?) might serve better? They’ve out door seating but isn’t open. Oh well.

We’ve carrot cumin hummus, paella, chicken and scallops – the seafood cooked just right, juicy and tender. Fake cactus on the table. Why bother?

Parking at the museum is $15.


Feb 10 2018

Stanford University

A perennial thing to do in San Francisco. A pretty campus, Rodin sculptures, museums, Hoover (institute and tower), and Stanford Jr …

The Quad – Main Quadrangle

the Quad from the Tower




Feb 9 2018


550 Deep Valley Dr Ste 145,
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274-3696

Friday 6:30 pm, many noisy kids. Stems are set on each table. A little odd combo. I’ve seen kids (well behaved) in a wine bar but not this many and this rambunctious.

Food and service are good. Clean bathroom.


Feb 9 2018

Point Vicente Lighthouse

The traffic from Getty museum almost ruined our little plan. We get there at the neck of time, 10 minutes before the sun set.


Feb 8 2018

Opera Patisserie

9254 Scranton Rd,
San Diego, CA 92121

Self-serving. Free parking. One bathroom. Indoor and outdoor seating. Delicious food.

Fresh orange juice doesn’t look fresh and I asked.

”Used to be.” One waiting girl replied.

”Oh. Shouldn’t you take the “fresh” down?” I asked.

”It’s not up to us.”

Oh well.