May 18 2020

The façade 门面

The facades in town, and the discarded face masks.


I spotted this home on nextdoor recently, on sale for $2,288.000: Stunning French chateau in the heart of Kensington village. Built in 1918, the 4,000 sq feet home has 5 bedrooms (4 on the second floor) and 4 bathrooms (also on zillow):
2019, listed for $2,488,000; property taxes was $31,531
2013, sold at $1,800,000
2003, sold at $1,275,000
1995, sold at $443,000


May 15 2020

Mason work in town

A 7 mile walk day! Spotted a familiar mason work on a house in this part of town.


What a difference the sun makes …

something different …


May 15 2020

Grist Mill in Covid-19

This park is tucked the bay’s end. We pass by it often during our corona virus walks.

May 13 2020

A garbage truck

5.1 miles walk. An Allenwood Park attendant is blowing the park clean.

May 11 2020

Mask, please

This is the first time during the pandemic that a shop demands us to wear a mask.

We passed by Creek Park / Daniel J Berg memorial park @ Russell Gardens, hidden tennis courts and their pool club.


May 8 2020

Mailboxes, street lights

I haven’t walked over five miles since November. It feels good in spite of questionable weather. Rain, it seems, always lurking in the background on our walk days. Street light, mailboxes with a dog, lion and trees, more decorative balconies.


May 6 2020

The early birds

The early bird finds his food 😃 早起的鸟儿有虫吃.


May 4 2020

May the 4th be with you

May Fourth Movement 五四运动 was a student protest against the weak response to Treaty of Versailles. It changed China to the better.

May 1 2020

The decorative balcony

Many balconies have no access to… Kens

F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby 


May 1 2020

A storyhouse, chimes and a treehouse

A scooter or vespa roaring by as we walk on Nassau,

… on Beverly: the mason work on their facade is fantastic

… and a treehouse and many chimes. The electrical cables are necessity but make it less appealing. Kensington.