Sep 30 2020

The eve of the Big Moon

The Mid Autumn Festive is next door, coincide with China’s National Day. Double happiness. After tennis, I went to catch some sunset.

Under the setting sun, the gazebo looks gorgeous


By 6, the tide is low

Sep 25 2020

Greens and flowers

The color of autumn … foliage is coming soon to this park.


Sep 25 2020

A sun set in the autumn

Another nice sunset at the park. One of the many tress has turned some color … foliage is coming.

Sep 20 2020


The half staff in the park is for Supreme Court justice RBG who passed away yesterday. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. … and a lady bug.

Sep 14 2020

Symbiotic @ Sunken Meadow

after the Labor Day … I’ve to say that the Sunken Meadow state park is one of my favorite. We did golf and swim.

… and more pix



Sep 8 2020

Sunken Meadow state park, 2020

A nice day out at Sunken Meadow, watching the sunset. But someone played music loudly.


… and some pix:

… and the sun set 29 seconds long

Sep 8 2020

Sept 2020


Sep 7 2020

On a Labor Day

This Labor Day is a slightly different from the past: we’re still in covid-19 pandemic. The sunset is as usual, beautiful. 

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Sep 4 2020

Sun set @ Tappen

A lovely day spent at Sea Cliff: picnic and watching the sun set.

Home made …


Sep 4 2020

Two libraries

They’ve two libraries in Sea Cliff.