Oct 9 2020

Benches at Cutting Arboretum

It seems all the benches are endowed, such as this Denis M. Platt, at the park.


Oct 9 2020

Captree State Park

This is a crabing park, blue crabs and fish. Moon Chaser, Captain’s Table, vending machine for live baits, spider web, garbage can with a crab …

Oct 9 2020

Breezy Island

At the Bayard Cutting Arboretum.


Oct 9 2020

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

This is a state park and is on my fave list. My nick name for it is bench park for many endowed benches scattered around the water. Breezy Island is lovely.

The Hidden Oak Cafe is not ‘go as you will’ because of her popularity: there is a line even at 2:35. Ok, it’s a gorgeous Friday … I thought we could have coffee there after lunch, looking out to the expansive lawn and the Connetquot River.


Some scenes at the park

… and a few photos


Afterward, we visited Captree State Park and Fire Island Lighthouse.

Oct 9 2020

Fire Island Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a little hike from the parking lot but is easy. More info on the Island.


The sunset is lovely

After the sunset, we saw two deers – they use them to control ticks.