Jul 4 2015

New York airports

New York area has three major airports: JFK/Kennedy, LGA/La Guardia and EWR/Newark in New Jersey. Getting around/to/from them isn’t easy because we don’t really have a direct rail, unless you count Jamaica.

So, let’s get over this as if we never knew what Bullet and Maglev is.

New York City/Manhattan has two major train stations that connect to subways and buses (none of them is connected to any airports directly):

  1. Penn Station @ 234 West 31st Street (8 Av & W 31 St), NY 10001 and
  2. Grand Central @ 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, (Lexington and Park/Vanderbilt avenues)

To/from the airports:

  1. JFK
    1. taxi
    2. AirTrain to Jamaica Station $5; then change to subways
    3. buses
  2. LGA
    1. taxi
    2. ?
  3. EWR
    1. Amtrak $28 – $57 to Penn Station in about 23 minutes
    2. taxi
    3. bus: CoachUSA $17;

It’s shameful, I know …


Dec 4 2012

Shiseido at Edgewater NJ; Crabhouse

Happy holidays fm Shiseido, at Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater New Jersey. Fm L to R: cream 1.4 oz US$1,000, day $250, toner $270, night $250, bar of soap $100. The sales girl assures me that I don’t need anything else. They last abt 5 months.
.. I think I’ll stick with my store brand Vaseline and baby lotion -:). More pix in the gallery

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater, NJ, 12/4/2012