Nov 2 2014

Inner Mongolia 内蒙古

Yellow River passing through.

Jun 8 2014

Yoga at Hasuhai

Hasu Sea near Hohhot.

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Jun 8 2014


Near Hohhot, an crowded street and over loaded truck. .

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Jun 8 2014

Jump on Hasuhai

Hasu Sea near Hohhot, and yoga


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Jun 8 2014

A bakery by the mosque

It’s on the street, out side of the mosque, near the Arab Palace.
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Jun 8 2014

Exam 高考

While having breakfast at Home Inn Datong the second morning, a group of youth came, five girls and one boy. They ate like being starved for a week.

In the elevator at ibis in Hohhot a woman dressed fashionably came in.
“A nice shawl.” I complimented her.
“Are you here for the college entrance exam?” She looked at us and asked anxiously, didn’t seem to care at all about her shawl.
“Hotel?” I was surprised. Staying at a hotel for the exam? It’s extravagant to me. But again, my days were 35 years ago. I recalled the signs posted in the streets that forbid cars horning. Laughable? Maybe. I would learn later that hotel staying is due to 择校 school selecting that allow kids to attend a school that’s very far from home (they may board at school). The family choose a hotel that’s near the exam center to avoid unpredictability like traffic jam. It also shows the extra mile the family is willing to go. Many people feel the parents would blame everything for their child’s failure. Forbidding the horning is mild compare to detour, or some parents from a human wall to block the traffic in front of the exam center. Righteous to them irritating to motorists.
After our brief exchange I thought, did she think that my daughter’s grandparents came with us too?


Jun 8 2014

Arab Palace

51 West Zhongshan Road

IMG_6871 IMG_6898

We went in by mistake, it’s a stone throw away from the real mosque. The waitresses all dressed up like a doll with high heels. The French BBQ on the fourth floor is ¥138 per person. What would they offer I did wonder. The fifth floor Chinese is all (or mostly) private dinner rooms, without menu.
“Is this an officials dinning spot?” I asked the skinny waiter with the glasses.
“Yes.” He replied. He then brought in an iPad which contains a menu.
The tea is ¥36. The flowers looked fake.

IMG_6877 IMG_6876

I almost walked into men’s because it’s more attractive and up front. There isn’t a soap. When I went out asking, the first waiter told me,
“We don’t have.”
Another waiter came out the bathroom told me the same.
I was bemused. An expensive restaurant doesn’t provide soap in the bathrooms!

IMG_6897 IMG_6895 IMG_6894 IMG_6893

I gave up. As I was walking back to my room, passing by an opened door, there were three staff, two were busy with filling a soap bottle and the third, looking like a manger stood by, watching.
My hands got washed with soap. Great.
We ordered:
hand pull lamb, mostly tough
Veggie … Came mashed with potato. When I questioned, the waiter, a girl could not answer (it’s her first day). So the manger was called, who told me that the picture is just the veggie and didn’t show how it’s cooked and served.
Quick wit and a good lie.

IMG_6892 IMG_6879

Interesting. Many veggie dishes have few ways of cooking it. For example, with garlic, onion and scallion, etc.

During the meal, the waitress waited outside of the closed door. Never once attempted to change our plates.

The slight finer points of service (which we take for granted) are decidedly absent. The waiters are poorly trained (or no training at all). Which is an indication that China has prospered and waiting is a job that are beneath them. Not many people needed it to survive.

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Jun 8 2014

Hasuhai, 哈素海 @ Inner Mongolia

The Green Mountain 青山, Blue Skies 蓝天 ,Green water 绿海. In fact, the mountain in the background, is indeed called Green Mountain. Coincident?

Driving there; More pix on piwigo and on FB.
It’s really just a lake. And may soon be crowded once the hotel is built. Good for biking or hiking.

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Jun 8 2014

Driving in China

Hasuhai, 哈素海 @ Inner Mongolia
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Jun 7 2014

The zoo @ Hohhot

The zoo in Hohhot cost ¥120 per person is pretty terrible. It’s in a hill over looking the city but the animals aren’t being taken good care of. The few wild biggies are locked up gate after gate – we were driven in a hot mini bus. A monkey got out and no one seemed to be concerned.

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