Apr 17 2018

Guozijian Museum 国子监 in Beijing

13 Guozijian St, Dongcheng Qu,
Beijing, China, 100007

Other names for it were, 国子学, 国子寺 or 太学 could translate to, Imperial National Academy, Imperial College, Imperial Academy, Imperial University, Imperial Central School, National School, National Academy, National University … It’s now combined with Kong’s Temple.

On my last visit there in spring 2018, the place is filled with tour groups and a Coming of Age party (chengrenli 成人礼) for a high school (Beijing tuanjiehu #3 School 北京团结湖第三中学). The tour guides teach the tourists how to salute (xingli 行礼) to Kongzi and the good karma will help their kids in gaokao. Really? Give me a break.


Glazed Memorial Arch (liuli pailou 琉璃牌楼) was built in 1784. The stone steles engraved with the list of jinshi from the Qing dynasty (Qingdai jinshi timingbei 清代进士题名碑).

Apr 15 2018

Zizhuyuan Park 紫竹院公园


Apr 15 2018

Tap Water Museum

3 XiangheYuan Road 香河园街

This museum is all about water, tap water in Beijing.

We got there one minute late, at 3:31. They close at 4 pm but stop selling ticket at 3:30. I begged and it worked. The lady even let us in without buying tickets. 蓝天白云 浓厚情谊 … 勇闯博物馆: 迟到… 求… 然后撒丫子狂奔 闯进博物馆.



Apr 12 2018

Beef pancakes 牛肉饼

With home grow chives!

Apr 12 2018

Niujie Muslin Supermarket

5 Niu Jie 牛街清真超市 美食城

I’ve been here a few times. There are many individual vendors on the street level and supermarket in the basement, plus a bakery.

Oct 5 2016

99Dingzhanfang 顶毡房

9 Yongtaizhuang N Road
Haidian Qu, Beijing, 100192 China

It’s in a park with a beer garden, which is very pleasant. We are too early due to my train @ 8:05pm, unable to have their famous roasted goat in whole, in a private hut. The main dinning hut is comfortable. The foods are delicious, include this debatable thing – totally to your imagination.

img_7432 img_7431 img_7430 img_7429 img_7421 img_7423 img_7451 img_7453 img_7435 img_7436 img_7437 img_7438


Oct 5 2016

Farmer’s restaurant 农家饭

Cuandixia 爨底下村, Beijing

csza9427 img_7295 img_7298 img_7302

… and the other eateries and hotels

img_7290 img_7395 img_7394 img_7396 img_7383 img_7381 img_7369 img_7362 img_7354 img_7349 img_7345 img_7104

Oct 5 2016

Cuandixia 爨底下村

Chuandixia is a Ming dynasty village, 62 miles/100 km west of Beijing, China.

img_7094 img_7120 img_7137 img_7140 img_7147 img_7148 img_7160 img_7194

The route is narrow, mountain road. Without traffic, we get there in two hours.

35 per person to enter the village. Parking is free in a few lots along the road. As we were debating to park or continue to drive further into the one street village, a young woman said she’s parking space opposite fm her home for diners. She then got into her small white car and led us in. I wondered out loud why didn’t she ride a bike or motorbike for easy maneuvering. The village would be better off without cars altogether.

Oct 4 2016

Dadong @ Fucheng Road, No. 93

Fucheng Road, No. 93
Beijing, China

The newest branch of the chain in Haidian district. They soon would open it’s first out post in New York at 3 Bryant Park (1095 Sixth Ave. @ 42nd Street) near the Library. We sat in the main dinning hall, instead of a private room for lunch. The tomato is the repeat, also my favorite. As usual, the meal is both visually pleasing as well as taste.

img_6970 img_6971 img_6972 img_6974 img_6975 img_6977 img_6976 img_6979

Oct 3 2016

Privacy in China

To counter the anti corruption campaign and gaining more control over privacy, or simply to have a pad to entertain, many entrepreneurs have set up their own clubs/mini hotels, large and small, as early as decades ago. This one in Hefei and this in Zhuhai.

Recently my friend set one up in Beijing. The CCTV anchor Bi Fujian‘s unfortunate dinner singing in April 2015 might have been the big push. The duplex is in a Haidian’s residential community. The lower level for dining and the two bedrooms on the top floor. My friend says that when there’s important guest coming, all cell phones would be collected into a basket where my friend can see, just to make sure.

img_6990 img_6991 img_6992 img_6989

As funny as it may sound, each country/region defines its freedom differently.