Nov 2 2019

Bye, Beijing

It seems that I haven’t been to Beijing airport for a while: you go through security check first: they’re right up front, in your face. Since I’ve a few pieces, a young man mentioned to me to just go ahead. When I hesitate, he became rather unpleasant. Oh well.

Once inside, I immediately saw the vantage point of Forbidden City, which I just went two night before.

What interesting, I ran into the same flight attendant on my Pei-Sea, who was on my JFK-Sea too. Oh well.

Nov 1 2019

WanAn Cemetery 万安公墓

Hanhe Rd, Haidian District,
Beijing, China

There is a subway (Metro) station cross the street; the parking is ¥10. The Hanhe Road 旱河路 is filled with touring buses on either side, which are for Xiangshan Fragrant Hills (香山). The foliage is pretty … however, crowds would make me think twice.

This is well kept cemetery, in recent years.

Many Chinese, especially the artists, are fond of using the ‘old fashioned’ way 甲子 to express years…
己夘, 是己卯 (1879, 1939, 1999) a typo.
辛巳年: 1941, 2001 …
壬午年: 1942, 2002 …
己未年: 1919, 1979 …
The problem I see is, not everyone is capable of using it. This small headstone has three mistakes.

  1. 己夘: It should be 己卯. One could argue that it’s an old way of writing (旧体) or 通假. I disagree because,
    1. Chinese is standardized language by now 汉语属于规范性了
    2. casualness & fun writing doesn’t fit the occasion (‘妹子’ = ‘妹纸’) beside, it was 1980, 通假 wasn’t popular. 
    3. also due to 2 and 3 below – just too many mistakes
  2. 壬午: It should be 辛巳. This is miscounting. Jan 1942 was still 辛巳, not yet 壬午.  
  3. 己未: 1919, 1979, etc. This mistake is too far out of my imagination because the death occurred in 1954, which was 甲午. 

Oct 29 2019

The disappearing history

Looking for old information, I went to Xicheng West End District Archives.

To remake their cities (and perhaps to show their achievements while in the office …) and aggressive developers, old historical remnants are being demolished, fast.

Qingdao: the 18 meter high fire watchtower on GuanXiang Road (望火楼; 1905-2009) on the western edge of the old observatory, and the train station (1901-1991) – the current train station is moved back 15 meters.

Ji’Nan: the old train station (1912-1992; by German architect 赫尔曼舍尔) and the two story commercial building (八卦楼; 1914-97).


Oct 7 2019

Wudao Jie 五道街

Xicheng Dist., 西城区
Beijing, China

According to Old Beijing, this street was so named after a Wudao Temple 五道庙 from 1607, which was Ming Dynasty. The length is 238 meters from NE to SW. The beginning and end to Bada Hutong 八大胡同.  In 1965, changed to the current name.

旧北京网  五道街,位于大栅栏地区西南部,东北至西南走向。南起南新华街南端,北至铁树斜街、樱桃斜街、堂子街、韩家胡同的交会处。全长238米,宽10米。门牌1-21号,2-80号。此街明代称五道庙,因有五道庙得名。五道庙建于万历三十五年(1607),明兵部尚书王象乾曾撰文,立“交龙碑”,称此地为正阳、宣武二门之“龙脉交通车马辐辏之地”,应以庙镇之,故建五道庙。另有一种说法,此庙是明代太监为宦官魏忠贤所建,此庙今尚存。1965年将五道庙头条、二条并入,改为现名。… 八大胡同的起点也是终点.

Oct 7 2019

A house

49 Baishu
Beijing, China

This house on Dashun Hutong in Bada Hutong hasn’t changed much. The railings on the second floor are falling off. Dilapidated is an understatement. The bathrooms in the neighborhood although updated but the smell is very strong.


Oct 7 2019

Yongdingmen 永定门

The Eternally Peace Gate in Beijing is on the central axis 中轴. It was built in 1553 and four hundred years later, demolished in 1950s for the new road construction. The current one is reconstruction in 2004.

The In 1950 fm wiki. In 1900, a Japanese was killed by Dong Fuxiang (董福祥 from Gansu province) near the gate, in the early stage of Boxer Uprising.


Oct 7 2019

A little garden

Beijing, China

Coming out of Yanzhi Hutong @ Bada, we stopped at this tiny garden on the Zhushikou W Street 珠市口西大街. It has many old Beijing opera performers.

Oct 7 2019

Chen’s former home

55 Baishun Hutong
Beijing, China

He was one of the celebrities who lived in the area.


Oct 7 2019

Bada Hutong

Beijing, China

The former red district, Bada Hutong begins and ends at Wudao Jie (五道街). The few most famous streets are:
百顺胡同 Baishun, #18 @ Dabaishu
韩家潭 Hanjia Hutong
胭脂胡同 Yanzhi
朱茅胡同 &Xibiying.

There are also plaques commemorate the old celebrities, such as Cheng Changgeng 程长庚, Chen Delin.


Oct 7 2019

Lu Xun’s Former Residence

19 Gongmenkou 2nd Alley, Xicheng
Beijing, China

The layout of the museum

Everywhere I went, they demanded my ID, even for going into this museum. What do they do with the info they collected? And all I can pray is, they shred them thoroughly.