Jul 23 2010

Claudius Therme at Cologne

Pumpkin and I planned to visit this spa but when we got there, time was tight .. so we decided not to. hmmmmmm… One of the reasons was we looked into the pool by the entrance. it felt like a community play ground; just not very appetizing.

Jul 23 2010


More Cologne pix on FB

the locks line the bridge ..


Jul 23 2010

Falkstraße 45

The international house in Frankfurt -:)

45 Falk Street in Frankfurt am Main (60487) is the international house. Many people had crashed there, including me, for an extended time. It’s located at Bockenheimer Warte and close to the Botanic garden

Renate’s little things

looking out at E’s apartment

Norbert and his Mom are competing to see who’s the prettiest window flowers ..