Oct 18 2014

Paper Moon

1073 31st Street NW (by M Street)
Washington DC, 20007

I like their high ceiling, good service and decent food.

I called twice trying to make a reservation. First time was put on hold and the second time someone picked up but never said a word. It didn’t sound good so we decided to go elsewhere. But that elsewhere had closed down.
It’s Saturday evening and Georgetown is filled with parents like us, attending our child’s parents’ weekend, mixed with regular tourist. 31st Street NW off M Street is lined with restaurants (Ristorante Piccolo, Sea Catch and Cafe la Ruche). Then we passed by the Paper Moon and … decided to give it a try. As it turned out, they’re much better in person than on the phone.

IMG_5439 IMG_5450 IMG_5449 IMG_5448 IMG_5446 IMG_5445 IMG_5444 IMG_5443 IMG_5442 IMG_5441 IMG_5440

Oct 18 2014

Lafayette Square

It is behind the White House, used to be called the President’s Park. Renamed to honor the Frenchman who fought in the American Revolutionary War: Marquis de Lafayette.


IMG_5561 IMG_5558 IMG_5557 IMG_5773 IMG_5780 IMG_5759 IMG_5766 IMG_5768


Kościuszko – Battles of Saratoga at the NE corner.

IMG_5785 IMG_5787 IMG_5789

Oct 18 2014

The Rose Garden

At the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Oct 18 2014

The Botanic Garden

After the White House, we picked up two salads and headed over to the Garden.



Oct 18 2014

Picnic at the Botanic Garden

The Amphitheater at the United States Botanic Garden in DC.
IMG_5296 - Copy
We had salads from Chop’t (on 7th Street NW, opposite from Zengo) at the Botanic Garden: excellent salad and over the moon location. I couldn’t restrain myself from going in. Each picture I snapped, I told myself will need time I don’t have.
The story of my life.
IMG_5292 IMG_5336

Oct 18 2014

The Treasury

United States Department of the Treasury is next (east) to the White House. A few guys are playing roller hockey on a glorious day, behind the Treasury.

IMG_5200 IMG_5187 IMG_5185 IMG_5186


Oct 18 2014

The White House gardens

Tour White House garden is also a surprise. It opens two days this weekend. The timed tickets are free, first come first serve.

Don’t know the pictures are normally there but they look like an eyesore. The weather is unbelievably good.



IMG_5217 b IMG_5628 IMG_5636 IMG_5658 IMG_5666 IMG_5667 IMG_5670 IMG_5682 IMG_5677 IMG_5680 IMG_5695 IMG_5701 IMG_5715 IMG_5781


I think he carries the real thing?



IMG_5727 IMG_5728


Oct 18 2014

The Watergate

We walked over from the Kennedy Center. This place, looks unimpressive but endured a lot of important history. Starting from President Richard Nixon, if not earlier.

IMG_6022 IMG_6019