Oct 19 2014

Billy Martin’s Tavern

1264 Wisconsin Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20007

Brunch at the Nixon’s booth at is old world charm tavern. The oldest restaurant in DC run by family since 1933, the fourth generation. It’s tight space. The booth behind me has one side bench, like a classroom. The booth before me is Kennedy, reportedly he proposed to his future bride, Jackie O. George W Bush has a booth too. Good food, will return. 在乔治敦, 也是总统们喜欢的. 有 尼克松 肯尼迪 的座位. 有人称 JFK 在那里求婚 – 觉得不会 因为好像有书说是越洋电话.

As to the proposal booth, according to this New York Times obituary, JFK proposed to her over an phone call:

In 1953, while she was in London on assignment, Mr. Kennedy called her and proposed.

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