Jan 25 2015

This is a lovely small eatery on Northern Blvd. Still breathing. The elder hostess or maybe the owner bravely on a pair of pretty high heels. Food is ok. Not many people when we were there.

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Jan 24 2015

Riposo 72, wine bar

50 W 72nd St
New York, New York 10023

Love it: good vibe and delicious food. Out of four reds, I enjoyed Cotes-du-Rhone the best. Partial wine menu.

  1. Cotes-du-Rhone, Chateau Saint-Roch, fm Rhone France
  2. Syrah, Snoqualmie, Washington State
  3. Rioja Reserva, Campo Viejo, fm Ripja Spain
  4. Nero D’Avola, The Sicilian

The warm olive was simply wonderful. Wild mushroom bruschetta and penne alla avodka: all good.

Jan 9 2015

Perry St – fluffy

176 Perry St., off West Street
New York, NY 10014

Love it. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant. Fluffy. Although the interior is clean line but the food is very fluffy, fluffy butter too. The river and traffic of West Street at night are actually serene. We have

  • calamari
  • crushed rice crackers tuna roll
  • crab cake
  • duck
  • shell fish

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The first three are on the appetizer menu. How could one make fried calamari fluffy deserves my five stars. I debated between lamb chop or crab cake for main course. Crab won and I enjoyed it very much.

It’s pretty chic, the maître d’ were young and dressed sexy. One has big tattoo on her bare back, under her neck. The male waiters are notch below the Morimoto tho.

I like how they serve the house wine: letting you have a taste it first.

image image image image

New York Magazine review, reportedly the chef and Hugh Jackman live in the apartment above. Street parking can be found except 11:00-12:30 Mon-Thur.

Jan 4 2015




2015.10.18 @ the flag at the post office

10.18 @ the flag at the post office


10.17 @ East Shore


10.10 @ East Shore, NY


10.03 @ Golden Gate bridge

2015.09.28 @ , Napa CA

10.1, @ MacRostie Winery, Healdsburg, CA


09.29 @ Tamber Bey, Napa, CA

2015.09.29 @ 12th St Park

09.29 @ 12th St Park at Benicia







09.27 Bixxy

09.27 Bixby

09.27 @ Bixby

09.27 @ Bixby

Montezuma 5.17

05.17 @ Montezuma

Montezuma 5.17

05.17 @ Montezuma


05.17 @ Montezuma, NY


05.16 @ Grand Island Byblos, NY


05.10 @ Susquehanna State Park, MD