Oct 1 2015

MacRostie Winery

4605 Westside Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(707) 473-9303

They’ve just opened up earlier in the year. The welcoming committee just  descended on us – the girls stand out side, welcoming each visitor with a glass of white wine.

Take a note of that.

DSCN7866 DSCN7840

We had lunch on their terrace overlooking the vineyard. Perhaps the time of the year, there were a lot of flies.

DSCN7842 DSCN7841 DSCN7845 DSCN7844 DSCN7839 DSCN7847 DSCN7848 DSCN7870 DSCN7868

Oct 1 2015

Oakville, CA

After Limerick Lane Celler we picked up some picnic lunch here and had it at .

DSCN7833 DSCN7835 DSCN7836 DSCN7834w

Oct 1 2015

Healdsburg, CA

A sleepy town, perhaps helped by the wine trade, is a trendy fashionable town now, dotted with expensive hotels, popular restaurants and bars.

Oct 1 2015

Swiss Hotel

At southern side of the town square at Sonoma. The cheese shop.

DSCN7791 DSCN7787 DSCN7789 DSCN7790


Oct 1 2015

Sonoma Barracks

At southern side of the town square at Sonoma, part of California state parks.

DSCN7774 DSCN7778 DSCN7780 DSCN7777 DSCN7782

Oct 1 2015

Mission San Francisco Solano

At southeast corner of the town square at Sonoma, built after Mexico gained independence from Spain.


DSCN7765 DSCN7770 DSCN7771 DSCN7773

Oct 1 2015

Blue Wing Inn

At town square at Sonoma. It’s the first hotels built in the state north of San Francisco, according to wiki.

DSCN7764 DSCN7772 DSCN7761 DSCN7763

Oct 1 2015

General Joseph Hooker House

Circa 1852. On the east side at town square at Sonoma. A bakery on this side, gives bread away every evening – by law (no left over bread). We were given one. Should have brought the free bread to dinner at El Dorado Kitchen because its bread sacks.


DSCN7755 DSCN7757 DSCN7759 DSCN7760


Oct 1 2015


William Selyem‘s Zinfandel is really good.

My first taste of Zin was in 1986 in New York. It tasted like juice. Rose-ish. Light weight.

That was then.

My view has changed after this trip. Full body and serious.

We bought Zin from two vineyards: William Selyem and Limerick Lanes.


Oct 1 2015

Husband Day Care

Drop offs welcome, read a sign out side of a bar on east side at town square at Sonoma. The theatre, galleries. Lisa Kristine is a photographer, who uses humanitarian to describe the type of photographer she’s. This one by the entrance sells for US$15,000. A Great Wall photo to the right sells for US$40,000, with 20 prints out there. When I asked the if Ms. K would produces more prints, the lady sat by the desk on the left, was bit offended, saying, ‘of course not.’ Just checking.

DSCN7734 DSCN7733 DSCN7732 DSCN7737 DSCN7738 DSCN7736 DSCN7744 DSCN7747 DSCN7750