May 27 2016

Whitney Museum

It’s moved from inland @ 945 Madison Avenue at East 75th Street (From 1966 to 2014) to present 99 Gansevoort Street, Lower Manhattan, on the Hudson River, right off at the lower end of High Line park. This art museum was founded in 1931 by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (1875–1942).

IMG_0687 IMG_0688 IMG_0694 IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0712

The museum focuses American art, on 20th-century and on. The pink tub is by Leidy Churchman Tallest Residential Tower in the Western Hemisphere (2015) oil on linen. The collage is by Jasper Johns, Racing Thoughts (1983)

IMG_0722 IMG_0723

Is he making an art or writing a book? Richard Nixon looks pretty. Robert Mapplethorpe Self Portrait (1980) Gelatin silver print. Sitting Pretty: by Duane Hanson Woman with Dog (1977)

IMG_0728 IMG_0738 IMG_0743 IMG_0741

What’s an art or arts? These two are by Blythe Bohnen studies in motion. Ok. Whatever.

IMG_0753 IMG_0746

May 27 2016

Frank Gehry’s IAC Building

IAC Building (2007) in Chelsea, New York. He also did some jewelry design for Tiffany, Maria Sharapova sported for a while at one of the US Opens.


From High Ling park


Other buildings in the city.

May 27 2016

Sunset at Chelsea Piers

One of many piers in the city @ 20th Street

We got off the High Line in search of food.

IMG_0762 IMG_0772 IMG_0779 IMG_0773 IMG_0783 IMG_0781

May 27 2016

High Line Park

The park has extended to 34th Street, across street from the Jacob Javits .


Construction is everywhere, at the high end of the park,

IMG_0577 IMG_0578

It’s a pretty hot day.

IMG_0582 IMG_0596 IMG_0600 IMG_0607

Frank Gehry’s IAC building. Greens, helps to cool down on a hot summer afternoon.

IMG_0612 IMG_0617 IMG_0629 IMG_0631

IMG_0623 IMG_0678 IMG_0769 IMG_0673

On the way back we got off at Chelsea Piers. The yellow robed monk, finally found his prey. (P.S. I see this sign a few month later… ) … ps: more signs I spotted in 2017

IMG_0785 IMG_0784

At the low end of the park, is the Whitney Museum.

May 27 2016

Café China 倾城

13 E 37th St.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 213-2810

We had dinner at this cafe a while ago. It’s the only Chinese restaurant in New York with a Michelin star. The decor is subdue and service and food are decent. Lunch has a different mood: loud and little hectic – not uncommon in midtown. The shrimp is really good, love the red pepper rings. On Yelp

IMG_0532 IMG_0528 IMG_0533 IMG_0534

They indicate that they compensate their waiting staff well, no tipping is necessary.

May 27 2016

B & H camera store

This store is pretty legendary: friends from China and UK knew to go there. I purchased my Canon t2i there too.

IMG_0527 IMG_0506

Some used goods: We wondered in the store for a little while – checking out the Leicas and Hasselblads before heading to the proper destination: the affordable areas.

IMG_0505 IMG_0517 IMG_0518 IMG_0514 IMG_0513 IMG_0508

My friend purchased EOS 5D Mark III: the shutter is so much more crispier and lighter at touch where mine needs heavier press. Side by side comparison is so important. Another friend sent me his toys – I could only image the shutter of these handsome machines!

image image