Mar 18 2017

Corazon Mexican Kitchen

767 Deep Valley Dr,
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
(310) 377-0580

Nice layout, nice decor, nice staff, nice presentations, decent bathroom, big portion, rather tasteless food. Each dining hall is on the different longitude – a few steps, so be aware.

Mar 18 2017

Redondo Beach

On the North Pacific Ocean in LA, part of 1785 Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grant; one of 3 beach cities (the other two are Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach).

There are lots of families!

Next to the parking lot, is this eatery – I’ve no idea why people would like to sit next to a parking lot!!


Mar 18 2017

Olvera Street

This Spanish/Hispanic area in Los Angeles, is next door to Chinatown. The streets, the people and the music. It’s LA’s oldest house – Avila Adobe.

Mar 18 2017

Palos Verdes lighthouse

A spectacular peninsular on the North Pacific Ocean in LA, south of Redondo beach. The area is pretty affluent. The Point Vicente Lighthouse, the long walking trail, and marvelous sunset. And the big guns are out.

Mar 18 2017

Fortune Gourmet

727 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In a time capsule. Definitely will return.

Randomly we walked in and the rest is history. Very Cantonese and old fashioned, which I don’t see often even in New York. The dining hall is pleasant. They serve you a soup and pot of tea without asking; after the dishes come out they put a pot of rice in the red container.

The French filet mignon, although is too sweet for my taste but is very tender, love it – highly recommend. The tofu pot, please remember what Anthony Bourdain says in the movie The Big Short? … is ok (perhaps a few items are indeed left over …); the fried squid is tasty but not much squid.

The bathroom is ok and they validate your parking ticket – I parked on the street – don’t know which parking lot/garage tho.The bathroom is ok. They validate parking. A smaller dinning room to the left.

Mar 18 2017

Howlin Ray’s

Nashville Hot Chicken
727 N Broadway #128,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 935-8399

It is the only place that seems busy in LA‘s Chinatown. Actually it’s very busy, that you need to wait for upward two hours. Who’s the time for it? I went to the second floor, and found Fortune Gourmet to be satisfying. After lunch, the line for the chicken was just as long. Maybe it’s a good party spot: bring some friends, with a beer or two and wait.