Fortune Gourmet

727 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In a time capsule. Definitely will return.

Randomly we walked in and the rest is history. Very Cantonese and old fashioned, which I don’t see often even in New York. The dining hall is pleasant. They serve you a soup and pot of tea without asking; after the dishes come out they put a pot of rice in the red container.

The French filet mignon, although is too sweet for my taste but is very tender, love it – highly recommend. The tofu pot, please remember what Anthony Bourdain says in the movie The Big Short? … is ok (perhaps a few items are indeed left over …); the fried squid is tasty but not much squid.

The bathroom is ok and they validate your parking ticket – I parked on the street – don’t know which parking lot/garage tho.The bathroom is ok. They validate parking. A smaller dinning room to the left.

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